Goodbye 2013! (Year in Review)


It's the last day of the year!!! Whoop de whoop! 2013 was generally a good year on the blog! A lot of things happened that were totally beyond my expectations...i'm truly grateful to God for everything. Started a lot of series/categories this year; some that never continued, some that are still a work in progress and some that have blossomed/will definitely continue. I see new ones coming up in 2014 tho, don't know what they are yet..but...yea, till then *hehe*. In this post, i'm going to be "highlighting the highlights" of each month of 2013...enjoy! :D
Before 2013 started, i made a decision to start writing posts for the men and not just the women, so i began the blogging year with posts for the men
- Body shape for guys
- How to dress for your body shape

More posts for the guys in this month; dressing for your body type II and how to accessorize the right way, plus it was my birth month and i failed to put up a post *sad face* but not this year tho! *big smile*

MARCH: A very lazy blog month this was *yawns* Just one post...
- What Men find attractive in women

- Funny post about how men think in relationships
- A guide for guys on Picking the right suit ( i was seriously on a roll with the posts for men

- A music should download the song, it's a really nice one! :)
- Are you wearing the right bra?how to measure your BRA size...(just because it is necessary to know!)
- Relationship: 10 things women like to hear from their men (men you need to read this, might be the answers to some of your questions *wink*)

- 10 mistakes men make in relationships ('nuff said)
- First guest post (yay! Thanks Efe! *waving*); High above the heel
- Find out which red lipstick suits your skin tone best (please have to know this!)
- 10 fashion tips for MEN (did i mention they are EASY tips? Check it out guys!)

- One year blogiversary!!!
- My first very personal/heartfelt post; Finding yourself

I decided to chip in some fashion info...
- The difference between retro and vintage fashion
- Your style vs Their trend (some really cool photos of fashion bloggers that have cool personal styles included here also)
- Relationship: What women really want (hehehe)...
- First Writer posted in the Writers Vault! (p.s: the vault is open to any writer willing to showcase their work)
- Another post from the heart: Battle against shyness
- Fashion tips/advise for the ladies: What not to wear to a wedding
- Fashion tips for the Men: What every guy MUST have in his closet (yes i said it...MUST!)
- First fashion feature!

This was the best month of the blogging year for me, it was an INSPIRED month, and of course i shared the inspiration
- Started a 30 day inspiration post challenge (and it was a truly amazing experience)
- Started two categories: Fashion obsession and blast from the past,
- A lot of relationship posts this month; Finding the one (is there really "The one" tho?), The essence of a relationship (because too many people lose sight of what a relationship is supposed to be), 5 ways to know your man is serious (girl, don't let him string you along, it's better you know now!), Is the perfect one always the one? (again i ask, is there really "The one"?),  Saving the "ship", 10 signs you're not ready for a committed relationship (because you need to know where you stand in your life).
- Personal growth/Inspiration: Stop comparing yourself,

- Independence day guest post
- 30 day Inspiration post challenge ended (*phew*)
- Nominations for Nigerian Blog Awards started.
- More guest posts, starring the post on the dreaded "Friend Zone"
- Fashion tips for the men: How to wear floral shirts

- More guest posts + feature
- Personal growth/Inspiration; Living within your means
- Nomination results came in for the Nigerian Blog Awards, and i was in the running for "Best designed blog" yay me!
- 9 qualities that will get you promoted *hehe* (p.s.: not just for the working class)

- Results for the blog awards came in, i didn't make it, but i was more than happy with the nomination! I'll be back for them next year*rubs palms together*
- Shakara with ankara series started!
- Features
- First giveaways! Yay!!! (p.s. One of them is still on!)
- Even more guest posts...

So that's it has been an amazing year on the blog; so many firsts!!! And it was even more amazing because of you readers, your support/clicks/comments have kept me going, i'm truly grateful for all of you and i thank you all for always taking the time to read my posts, you're simply awesome! To those whose first time on the blog is today, well, you are welcome to my Purpleheart, I promise you a lot of good stuff in the coming year. To the amazing people I've met because of/through this blog, i look forward to an amazing 2014 and beyond with you. God bless you. Here's to building a lasting blog-relationship with you, you and yes you! *raises wine glass* Till tomorr...i mean NEXT YEAR! *big grin* be safe!

Goodbye've been GOOD! :)

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  1. Nice one dearie. Splendid flashback. See ya!

  2. I still can't find the GFC thing in your side bar so I can follow you. Can't even find your bloglovin too.

    1. The GFC is at the bottom of the page...i removed the bloglovin widget...u can just follow on GFC. Saw your add on G+ :) thanks!


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