Are you wearing the RIGHT BRA?


Hey Ladies!
Did you know that it's estimated that 80% of women wear the wrong bra size? are you one of the 80%?....not everyone realizes that there is even such a thing as "the wrong bra".

There are a truck load of benefits to wearing a comfortable bra that's your name a few;
1. It minimizes jiggling (i know no one likes the jiggle)
2. It shapes the appearance of your boobs
3. Keeps the breasts very well supported while you're playing a sport (or just running
4. It helps prevent injury to the breast tissue
5. It goes a long way in helping your posture, especially if you've got em large
6. Believe it or not, an ill fitted bra can cause back problems, muscle tension and even headaches!

So ensure, as much as possible, to find your perfect'll be amazed at how fantastic you'll feel in a very comfortable bra! :)


I will give you some pointers on how to identify the wrong bra in a bit, but first, let me outline some health effects of wearing the wrong bra...

  • The wrong bra can cause aches and pains in areas like your back, chest and neck
  • Breathing problems can also arise from wearing bras that are too tight
  • Tight bras press against the body and restrict blood flow to the breasts, thereby affecting the lymphatic system
  • Sagging and stretchmarks definitely can't be avoided, but the right bra with the right fit can help prevent them.

So, If you find that any of the following outlined points apply to you, then you are certainly wearing the WRONG bra!

  • The bra is so loose that you have to always close it on the last/tightest hook.

  • Your bra straps are too tight against your shoulders and are digging into your skin and leaving marks (happens to a lot of us)

  • The bra is so tight that you have spillage/overflow at the top of the bra...this is what is called the "quadraboob"

  • The cup of the bra doesn't completely cover, thereby making your breasts bulge out at the sides

  • The bra is slightly too big, leaving space at the cup area or causing wrinkles in front.

  • The fabric connecting the cups of the bra, called the center front, is pushed forward and away from the chest; doesn't sit flat against your chest

  • The back of the bra is jumping up in an awkward manner.

  • The bra moves when you raise your arms


  • Bra straps must sit comfortably on your shoulder. Not too loose or tight. also, the band and under wire should sit evenly or horizontally around your body. The band should not be riding up.  the band should also be able to support you and still hold your breast in place even when you take the straps off. This is because about 90% of the support comes from the band and not the straps.

  • With the exception of push up bras and some other bra styles, your bra must contain the whole of your breast and fully without spillage, either in front or on the side, and your breast should be lifted or supported by the bra in such a way that your breasts rest midway between your shoulders and elbows.

  • No spillage in front because your right size would contain your breast fully and smoothly with no gaps or wrinkles.

  • The center front or the fabric joining the cups should sit comfortably on the chest wall and even when you lift up your arms or bend down, your bra should stay in place firmly without moving.

The RIGHT BRA checklist; Find out if you are wearing THE ONE!

1. The bra covers all of the breast tissues
2. Centre front sits snugly against your body
3. The cups fit without spillage from the top or bulges on tthe sides
4. Underwire sits flat on chest
4. The straps are parallel or slightly v-shaped
6. The band is not riding up and is level all around
7. The band is snug and fits comfortably

It could actually be very hard to find the right bra size, but i believe it;s worth the stress, although your bra size could change due to factors such as pregnancy, breast feeding, weight/loss etc. Therefore it is advisable to be conscious of these changes and check your bra size at least twice a year.
In a post soon to come, i will be outlining steps on how to measure your bra size...until then...

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  1. Being fashionably bra-free is healthier. Bras cause breasts to droop, have cysts, pain, and even develop cancer. These are constrictive devices, harming women as the corset did for centuries.

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