Ultimate guide to Accessorize right! (Guys)


Having the right accessories is as important for guys as it is for the ladies...shirts, pants, socks, shoes, ties, jackets, sweaters.
Figuring out what goes with what, when to tuck in and how to match your shirt to your trousers and shoes isn't quite enough to prove/show that you have a great sense of style...you can wear all the latest styles, and tailor your clothes to perfection but it still wont be enough...yes, it won't, you know why? because you need to accessorize! That's what sums up an outfit (believe it or not). You can be dressed very casually, but if you have on nice shoes, good belt and a sleek watch, you will look very sophisticated as well.

Accessorizing could be quite tricky for guys, too much and you can say goodbye to your masculinity, wear nothing and all the efforts put into that great outfit could be a near waste of time.
The trick to accessorizing as a male, is to be able to realize when its enough, when you are tethering on the boundaries of "too much".
So read on...you might just grab a tip or two from what i have to say...


The easiest and classiest way for a guy to accessorize and impress while doing so is investing in a watch.  And not just a watch, but a really great watch. A watch that says, “yeah I’m a pretty big deal, but no, I don’t feel the need to brag"... "What was that?  You want to know the time?  Oh, let me find that out for you.”
Get the picture?  A good watch can cost quite a little more than a little, but its worth the price.  Women notice a great watch, other men notice a great watch, prospective employers notice a great watch.
Basically, what I’m telling you is: get yourself a timepiece!

Other Pieces; Neck, Wrist and Fingers:

If you want to wear other pieces of jewelry like bracelets (wrist wear), necklaces or rings, start with wood, leather, and other neutral, more masculine materials.  Simple metals are good for your necklaces and neck pieces, just make sure nothing is too flashy. 


It could be sunglasses or a pair of recommended glasses, either way, this is the most eye-catching accessory. Wearing recommended glasses does not mean you will look like a nerd, there are a lot of sophisticated options you can choose from; there are so many different frame to fit each man’s personal style.
As for sunglasses, they not only protect, they project a kind of easy going self confidence, so don't hide behind them...show them off!

...at least accessorize to some extent

You might not be into the whole jewelry thing or might not want anything dangling from your neck and wrists, but it is important you accessorize to some extent, it’s up to you how you want to go about doing it, but the bottom line is that you should be accessorizing..
Invest in a good belt, it's one piece of accessory that speaks volumes about your style!

If you're wearing a suit, get a tie clip or put in a jacket pocket. So you can keep your hands and neck bare but still accessorize your way into classic style.

So guys, the moral of this post is: all that hard work you put into your outfit needs to be complemented with a statement piece to give your look that extra touch of class!

Be Fashionably Inspired,
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