What men Find Attractive...


One of the major things that men find attractive is when a woman stands tall?
A woman who stands tall basically:
1. Dresses well
2. Works out often
3. Is super CONFIDENT about herself and her body

If a lady is proud of her figure no matter what shape or size, that makes men take notice as well!
So ladies, if you wanna get his attention...first things FIRST, be confident and comfortable in your skin...stand tall!

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Source: David Zinczenko - Yahoo! Health Expert for Relationships

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2 thoughts

  1. Hey purple, I need ur help! My skin is really really sweaty and dis makes me feels a lil inferior most times. I need to know if u can help me with any lotion that can either reduce it or @ least a parasolution.my name is Louisa and I am in nigeria.

    1. Hello Louisa!
      The only ways of completely stopping sweaty skin are through medical procedures...but to reduce it, make sure you use an anti-perspirant deodorant spray or roll-on and to reduce any sticky feeling, or odors, use Aloe liquid soap, its a Forever Living product and it is guaranteed to leave you feeling fresh and less inferior.
      I hope i was of some help!


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