Ever felt like you're lost in the middle of nowhere? Like everything around you is just a blur, like life is moving so fast around you and you're stuck in one spot? well, it happens.
There are times when you feel like you don't know who you are, you try to figure out your purpose in life and what makes you happy, times when you realize you have to re-define and re-evaluate your life.
These moments are usually (almost always) a turning point in a persons life...because once they've been overcome, you come out with so much clarity on things and the direction in which you want your life to face. You have a renewed sense of purpose and a fresh drive to achieve your goals...most will say that once you've overcome these moments, you've "found yourself". In my honest opinion, one can never finish finding his/ is a constant search of ones self, but as long as you're able to move past those moments, you're definitely on the right path.

So when you're in the process of finding yourself, what are the questions you ask yourself???
What am i called to do in life? What makes me happy? How can i find happiness within and STAY happy? What are the things i enjoy doing and what are those i don't? Who are those i can truly rely on?
You find that you don't have answers to the seemingly 'simple' questions...and the truth is, you never even bothered to think about them till this point in your see! There is a time for everything!

Personally, i find meditation and listening to music very helpful....most of the time i just like to be left alone with my thoughts, retreat into my shell and play around with thoughts in my head...i don't actually think hard about things thoughts tend to stray when i do that LOL...answers just seem to hit me somehow...i get that "aha!" moment and then that imaginary light bulb lights up over my head *hehehe*.
Its always a breath of fresh air to find clarity on things and situations in your life. Its harder for some than others but believe me, you'll always scale through no matter what...i've come to realize that its a hurdle a person must cross at some point or the other in life...and if you ever find yourself in such a fix, it means  your life is moving progressively!

*Takes deep breadth* 

I hope you didn't get carried away oh! I'm no inspirational writer...LOL... i'm just a young lady sharing my thoughts, feelings, and some experiences...but i also aim to inspire sha :D

So tell me, have you had any of these moments lately? or you've gone through one already? How did you get through it?...i would love love LOVE if you could share it with me, because honestly i still have a lot to get in touch so we could share more!

Straight from the heart...

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2 thoughts

  1. I did have a lost moment in my life and I found myself with exactly what you said, music is my life, it spoke to me, sometimes I just lay down and thought of ways to better myself and ideas came and they helped. Inspirational books help too, you read some books and it's like the author is talking to you. Anyway, I love posts like this, you never can tell, someone may be at d brink of suicide (yes, that extreme!) Keep up the good work girl!

  2. WoW! Thanks for sharing and thank you for reading! More posts like this coming up! :)


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