A lot of guys seem to be at a loss when it comes to knowing what a woman wants and in truth only a woman can say what she really wants (even though most times we are very confused about it) but there are certain things that you guys should know to do or not to do.

I could list out a few things for you right now, but i came across a blog post on Princelaj.blogspot.com recently and it explains what women want very precisely, so i'm going to share it with you, take note that these points are just a FEW out of many (yea i know! women are really complex *big grin*) Don't forget to leave your thoughts in the comment box! Enjoy! :D

  • Every woman wants to be loved with such conviction that she becomes the center of your world. Women, as many think like to share, don't actually like to share. They love your undivided dedication and commitment to those matters that affect them directly or remotely. That is why a woman will question your undying love for her if you fail to grant her request to help a total stranger she doesn't even know. All she wants is be the sole beneficiary of your love: that's her bragging right.

  • Similarly, a woman wants to be pampered exclusively and effortlessly. Considering the amount of pressure a woman bottles up, she does not want you to share in that burden but asks only to be pampered as that's is your way of showing appreciation for her value. Your show of affection through the simplest words like sorry, thank you, I love you and the little pecks and kisses in the presence of her friends, an ice cream bowl and a note to accompany how terribly you miss her are those things that will melt her heart for you. Not necessarily by buying her the most expensive gifts as we men erroneously presume before she can feel pampered. Although there are days when you need to make your statement of love by getting her the world.

  • Also, what your woman wants is for you to listen to her. By this I mean pay attention to every detail of what she says because they always remember everything they say to you even when they pretend to have forgotten. I know how difficult this can be because women tend to repeat a lot of the things they have said and this can be tiring but each time she says it, give her as much enthusiasm as you showed the first time. You see the secret to this is that, she wants you to act on it; each delay brings a rather subtle innocent reminder! Now don't forget the dates that matters to her like her birthday, your anniversary, or any occasion she attaches any importance too.

  • Now I know we men complain a lot that our women nag and as true as this might be, they actually nag because they hate our complains they call it whining. Once you start to complain a lot about a few things you don't like in your woman, they tend to take it personal and start to nag that you complain a lot. For instance, if you notice that your woman adds to much salt to her soup which makes it difficult to eat, she knows herself that the salt is to much and you hurt her if you abandon the food or just stroke it nonchalantly. You might think you're doing this because it is not edible but you're actually rubbishing her efforts. This is a condemnation of her running around just to get you a sumptuous meal even though at the end there is nothing decent about the taste. In this instance my brother, eat the food even if it means swallowing it with water and then say honey this meal was so delicious but you've to watch out for the salt next time. I think this salt must be a sharp one. Am telling you with this. You've won her heart. Believe me she must have been tired before making the meal and if not for her love for you, she wouldn't cook at all. In essence, it is the effort that counts not the outcome.

  • Above all, what a woman want is your unwavering faith and trust in her. Your trust in your woman reassures her that she is competent and well guided to always act right and in good faith. But when you show your insecurities and think she can't be trusted, she will not have any basis to want to find your love worthy!

  • Having said all the aforementioned, which is just a few of what women want, let's bear in mind that every woman needs money just like any other human being. It is a wrong view to think all they want is money. It isn't as money is a necessity, a need not a want. It is money that you need to buy her food and when you can't get her the longest Peruvian or European hair, at least get a lace wig close to it. Buy her chocolates and the trendiest dresses of her time.

- Adekanye Adeyinka Olajide (Princelaj.blogspot.com)

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8 thoughts

  1. All our trust???!!!! Ah! Women are evil o and they are not our fwnds, so ow can we trust em?? Even the bible records that we should trust no one, not even our wives" lolz! Well I think you missed out on one very major tin tho... Very major

    1. Please do share! What major thing was missed out?

    2. ...the tips in this post are only applicable if you are with ONE woman only and if you feel she is the ONE. Its not saying you should completely trust ALL women. But you will agree with me that some high level of trust is necessary for a successful relationship :)

    3. I bet Princelaj can't say it all. I mean, I believ women are like an encyclopedia of mysteries of infinite munber of pages. Can we realy grasp d idea of wat they want? Well, dis post has helped, thanks misspurpleheart.

    4. I'm sure what Seyi is referring to is sex but you see, when you give a woman all of all I listed, sex becomes a norm and a magical experience cos for them it is psychological.
      Let me add that you've ni choice but to trust your woman and your biblical stating of not trusting anyone does not extend to marriage cos once you marry a woman, you become one. Therefore, before you can get to a place of marriage, you must invest your trust in the relationship as well.

  2. Kenneth Iguodala8/27/2013 11:20:00 pm

    As much as all u've said is pleasant to the ear, it's nigh impossible plus shouldn't the woman be deserving of this much love first?

    1. I don't think its impossible and of course she should be deserving of it! Like I replied Seyi above, you have to be certain she's the ONE!

  3. Another good one Aby, Very enlightening. . men have d softest spot for the right woman.. if she is d one, and acts d part, all these things happen by default.. we r wired that way. . except d jackasses tho.


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