The RED LIPSTICK! Which suits your skin tone???


RED is unarguably one of the sexiest colors that exists; the color of passion; the color that brings out that "va-va-voom" factor in ANYbody, and as a lipcolor, it is absolutely smoldering hot!

I hear a lot of people say "dark skinned girls shouldn't wear red lipstick, it suits just light skinned girls"...well i'm sorry but i beg to differ! The major thing that should be put into consideration when picking out red lipstick is the shade of red you use....the darker your skin tone, the warmer/darker the shade of red you use, these are called "blue-based colors". Bright reds/orange based colors suit light skin tones really well but look really harsh on dark skin tones, so if you've got dark skin tone, i suggest you stick with the darker reds.

I have a dark skin tone and i make sure to use darker shades of red....and it turns out really nice, i absolutely love the look! I feel every lady should be able to bring out that sexy sultry side of themselves with a little bit of red lip color! In my opinion, it's a MUST HAVE!

Me rocking the smoking hot color!

Celebrities be rocking the smoking hot color as well!

So if you've been reluctant about trying out this color cos you feel its too bright, now you know you can look just as stunning in darker shades that you'll be more comfortable with and if you've been using the wrong color for your skin tone, now you know whats right for you!

Be Fashionably Inspired!

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