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Hola beautiful people! How's ya'll doing??? Hope great!
So today i'm doing a fashion feature on a Nigerian accessories line, SOARS...

SOARS accessories is a dynamic fashion outfit set up by gorgeous twins, Taiye and Kehinde Babalola.
Truth be told, they are an amazingly talented and creative duo, with an intense passion for the African culture. 

The Ankara fabric is their "play toy" in the sense that they play around with the vibrantly colored fabrics to produce amazing designs and very creative pieces. I mean, who wouldn't want to storm into the classroom with an Ankara clad notebook? Stand out from the crowd! Educate yourself in style! Maybe get some matching bangles while you're at it :D

I've already got my eye on the notebook and the jean jacket wit Ankara out girls! I'm coming to raid your store soon! ;) LOL

So i had a little "cyber chit-chat" with the girls, and here's what they had to say...

When was SOARS born?
"Soars was established in September 2012 and was inspired by the love we have for the popular Ankara fabric"

Where do you draw your passion and inspiration from?
"We are driven by the passion for Africa and our zeal to promote the African culture in a unique and very dynamic way with elevated creativity.This passion has since seen us produce laudable accessories using the Ankara fabric. Going through our collections, you'll find Notebook Covers, Chokers, Slippers, purses, earrings, Bangles, neck pieces, hair accessories ,brooches, etc all made with the Ankara material".

We see so many Ankara based designs these days, what makes SOARS unique? 
"SOARS is unique in its style by the way it blends the vibrant Ankara colours to suit the fashion taste of the individual client. The durability of its products is unquestionably on a high level and it is ensured that customers get value for their money by providing them with long lasting accessories. SOARS products come at a very affordable price. We  believe in the "Proudly Nigerian" project and as such, do not make our products beyond the reach of the average Nigerian".

Amazing girls aren't they?! They have the economy of the country in mind! Big-ups girls!

"We derive pleasure and satisfaction, not just in our products, but in seeing people look their best in these accessories and radiating in the pride of a true African. Looking good is ALWAYS good business!" - Taye and Kenny

Contact Ankara by SOARS...
Give a call: 08182398122, 08187823194
Add on BBM: 286BB79E, 2A9E4F4D
Send an E-mail:
Follow on twitter: @kennypassion

Stay Stylish!

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4 thoughts

  1. Nice concepts gurls, keep the flag flying! This is exactly what we are talking about people! Everyone is creative, just find your passion, and you will get it right! God bless you both!

  2. This is really amazing. I'm just awed. Big ups to u girls. U r super talented!

  3. U girls are doing such an amazing job. Keep Soaring girls!!! (Pun

  4. SOARS..... On point lyka decimal.... Oshamo! (•͡.̮~͡)


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