Living Within Your Means!


I watched this video by Sisi Yemmie and i was completely inspired and encouraged, and it would be really selfish of me not to share, don't you thinks so??? Yea, i thought so

So in her video, she talked about learning to live within your means, in other words, cut your coat according to your size! This applies to both guys and girls...

The truth is, there is a time for everything, life is definitely in stages, there's no hurry! Your difficulty/lack today may just be what you need to fully appreciate your plenty of tomorrow, learn to manage the little you have now and you will have no problems with managing your future resources...

According to Sisi in the video, you don't have to buy the most expensive things to look good, you can look good in even "bend down select". Why give yourself the headache of being indebted to your bank or to a friend or even the place you buy things from, just to impress people or to appear like a "big girl/boy"? 
Focus on building yourself, building a good future, setting goals, mapping out plans for your all this make sure God is at the forefront and everything else will fall into place in due time!

Try as much as possible not to compare yourself to other people...that is majorly where the problem starts. You don't know what they have don to get to where they are, your life/situation is totally different from theirs, so look away and look forward to where you want to go, trust me, you'll eventually get there...all you need is hard work and patience...

So guys, please watch the video below because there is so much more you can learn from it and just maybe you will be better encouraged!


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2 thoughts

  1. I didn't see the link to that video but your post really inspired me. Many times we pay attention to materials things, when like you said we should be concentrating on self development. Nice post.

    1. Thank you so much, i'm glad you found some inspiration from this. Here's the link to the video Thank you for reading!


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