Your STYLE vs Their TREND...


This is a topic I've been wanting to talk about for a while now...following trends and what's "in vogue" versus wearing things in your own way, your own style...

STYLE is a quality of imagination and individuality expressed in one's taste (according to the online dictionary) it is each and every individuals way of presenting themselves through clothing... 
Trends focus mainly on what's "in" at the moment or the season; trends are mostly created by the fashion industry and most of the time, what's trending now will be old fashioned in 10 years time.

"Fashion is what  you're offered four times a year by designers, and style is what you choose." -Lauren Hutton
This brings us back to the topic of this post "Their TREND vs Your Style?" I would say YOUR STYLE is the ultimate way to go!
Having your personal style is basically an expression of yourself, an expression of who you are...its like you're given a clean canvas and paint of all colors and told to describe yourself in a painting, it is particular to
 you and YOU alone! 
Of course its also great to be trendy and be up to date with all the latest trends, but a cool way of staying trendy and keeping your personal style intact is by wearing those trends in your own way, not in the way everybody else is wearing it or the way you see it being worn on the runway! I for one am a huge supporter of individuality, i love being different from the crowd, it gives one a sense of power and control.."its not what you wear, its how you wear it".

People have different tastes but a truly stylish person never goes unnoticed! So i would say, for the love of fashion, you should try and develop your personal style, express yourself in anyway you want, as long as you feel comfortable in what you're wearing, follow your feelings, if you find a piece of clothing that may not be trendy but makes you excited to wear it, you SHOULD get it! Don't think twice...

Over time, I've come across some bloggers and fashion personalities with very unique styles of dressing, and i'm gonna be sharing with you, a few of my personal favorites...

Meet Ariel of Faintly

This is what Ariel says about personal style: " You have to wear what you want. You want to have as little outside influence as possible to really cultivate a style that feels personal"
and she really does wear what she wants! Her style is so different from the norm! Its really unexpected and that's what i love about it! Its quirky, its fun its well....faintly masculine :)

Meet Sharlene of

I love the simplicity of Sharlene's style...its main focus is on vintage fashion and i just love the way she presents it with a spritz of modern!

Meet Diamond of
This is what Diamond says about personal style: "Dress how you like and don't ride with the trends"

  I am absolutely in love with her style! Its daring and fun all at the same time, and that hair cut!!!!

Meet Toyin Lawani of TiannahStyling
Toyin Lawani is a well known Nigerian fashion designer and fashion consultant

 Her style is absolutely FIERCE and i love it! There's no duplicate of this at all! Her confidence in her style is overwhelming!

Meet Sayedero of

 Her's is one of the first Nigerian fashion blogs i came across, her style is so unique! She likes to experiment a lot with a outfits...she could make a piece of clothing that's meant for guys work for her, now that's what i call fashionably daring! She also give vintage pieces a modern twist! LOVE eet!

Her style is what i'll call simple, crisp and classy with a tough of edginess to it! There's just something fresh about it!

These are just a FEW! I haven't even started! But i'll stop here for now *phew* might even start doing posts on fashion bloggers i admire *scratches chin in thought*

So tell me! what's your personal style like, can you describe it in 3 words? Care to share with us? If you have a unique and different from the norm style and wish to share and inspire people with it, please share it with us by sending pictures and a description of your personal style to


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