Hello beautiful people! *smiling and waving*
Hope everyone is doing great and having a great week so far...just dropping by to say hi to you guys, I hope all is well with you.

Oh don't go yet...there's more below *big grin*

So how do you guys like my customized Nigerian Blog Awards badge? Nice huh??? Help me thank NBA people oh! LOL...Speaking of NBA...have you guys nominated this blog? Oh, you haven't? Well that's no problem...all you have to do is:
1. Click this llink --> http://nigerianblogawards.com/register2013.php
2. Enter your name and e-mail address
3. Type in misspurpleheart.com in categories 5, 14, 17
4. Confirm your nomination in your mail
...and voila! I'm nominated! Let's do this guys!!! *big smile* Thank you SOOOO much for your support!

In other news...have you guys been following my 30 day Inspiration Post Challenge? If you haven't or if you've missed previous posts, just click this LINK and you'll see all I've posted...and please remember, i am not an inspirational writer oh, i just write from experience or as the spirit leads *hehe*.

I started this challenge precisely on the 6th of last month and add 30 days to that, i'm supposed to be ending on the 6th of this month, which is 3 days from noe, and i have 5 more posts to go, so what was i doing for those missing 2 days??? *covers face* i really don't know oh...but i'm determined to finish it on the said date, so i'll most likely be posting twice a day.

Why did i start this challenge?...well i felt the sudden need to accomplish something! Like i was sooo unhappy because i felt totally idle...i hate being idle! I dunno if some of you have ever felt the need to do something extra, either in your life or in the life of others; to accomplish one little goal ....well, that's how i felt, hence i started this challenge and i'm almost done! Whoop whoop!

Anyway, i just wanted to see how ya'll are doing and to do some "catching up"...leave your thoughts and opinions in comments below, lets discuss!!!

Yours Truly Truly (Lol)

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