Daily INSPIRATION (Day 1): DO What you CAN with what you HAVE...


Hello beautiful people!
I'm sure everyone is TGIF-ing today...LOL...yea, the weekend is always highly anticipated!
So guys, i have decided to challenge myself, yep! Challenge! The plan is to be dishing out daily doses of inspiration about life, fashion, relationships and whatever else i feel inspired to share for the next 30 days. *shouts "Challenge Accepted" in Barney Stinson's voice* (How i met your mother comedy series)...lol 

I call it a challenge because i'm sure you'll all agree with me that it's not easy to incorporate something new into your daily routine that's not work or school. So as you all are my witnesses *hand on chest* i promise to do all i can to complete this challenge, so help me GOD. ...and so on this note, i begin with today's dose of inspiration...

Sometimes, we want to follow our dreams or do what we love or enjoy doing but might be intimidated by what we see around us. Honestly, you don't have to be the wealthiest or flashiest or be the most famous to make the kind of change you wish to make, or to touch lives you wish to touch.

Yes, life has a way of getting in the way of our plans or things we want to do or hope to achieve, and yes we can't control what life throws at us but we can do something with what life throws at us; if life gives you lemons, heck! Make lemonade and have a nice chilled drink!

You have either of two options:

You can either do what you want, with what you have, where you are


Sit down and complain about the things you can't do because of the things you don't have and about being in a place you don't like

If you ask me, i would say the BEST option is to do what you can with whatever is available to you, no more excuses! You really can't waste time with just sitting and sulking...excuses steal time away from your life, you don't know that you can't do something until you TRY! And when you eventually try, DON'T GIVE UP! Keep pushing and don't be discouraged! Even if you fail, it will be well worth the try and it would be an experience gained... BUT you should think positive always! You have no idea how much positive thinking affects end results...


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