#6 things you should NEVER wear to a wedding...


I've got something for ma ladies today! Ladies are ya'll ready???
There are a lot of weddings happening these days, i see like 3 every other weekend, makes one day dream and fantasize *dreamy eyes* hehehe.

So if you're gonna be the bride, this post aint for you sistah! You can go ahead and do whatever you want, its your day! and if you're planning on being a guest, you're in the right place! Who knows, my tips might just help you find "Mr. Right" (if you haven't already) *big grin* so relax and enjoy as i unfold these secrets to you!

#1.White dress: Yes please! This color is strictly reserved for the bride on that day! Don't take attention away from the bride and show up in a white dress...its just not cool! -_-

#2. Jeans and a T-shirt: Yea i know, "no one actually wears this to a wedding" but you'll be surprised, just in case you are one of the few, this is a NO-NO! A wedding is not a casual event, you should look elegant, y'know?. Okay, moving on...

#3. A too short and too tight dress: Like i earlier said, a wedding calls for elegance, its really not a place for you to leave nothing to the imagination, sure there's nothing wrong with showing of a little skin, but its not a party or a night-out on the town, its a wedding! ELEGANT is the word! (Rememba say u dey find Mr. Right, so do well!...LOL)

#4. Pant/Skirt suit: I know i said a wedding isn't a casual event, but its not that serious! Except you're on official duty or something, please no pant suits or skirt suits, it just sets the wrong tone for a wedding, it would be great to wear to the office for your Monday morning meeting, so just leave it hanging in your closet and opt for something else!

#5. Black: Its not a funeral, express your joy for the couple by wearing something bright please!

#6. Anything to loud or sparkly: As mentioned earlier, you don't want to take away all the attention from the couple, loud prints and sparkly dresses are a not a good idea, be conservative.

So i've put together some wedding outfit ideas for you...enjoy and be inspired! ;)

Stay STYLISH! ;)

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  1. That's really nice article. Because my sister's wedding on next month. Now I can wear suitable dress for her wedding. Actually this is the first time, I shown like this article.

  2. :) Very reasonable, great post


  3. Rili nice post............u rock darl!!!!!


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