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There are certain set of rules, do's and dont's that apply to every relationship, irrespective of the type, whether its platonic, romantic or beneficial (hehehe). These "rules" help in the growth of said relationships...

Every individual wishes to be loved by that one special person besides family. Having that one special person (friend, lover spouse etc.) gives one that sense of importance in a persons life.

Having a friend is a good thing but having someone who is more than a friend is the best thing ever. I for one feel incomplete without a close friend or when i'm not in good terms with one. Its like a part of me stops functioning.

I would like to share with you some basic tips that could help strengthen the bond between friends or lovers...

This is one thing that helps build a sustaining relationship. A deep knowledge of an individual will prevent a lot of petty issues from arising because you will know what to say to each other, know when the other person is moody, angry, stressed out, weighed down by some issues or generally having a bad day and thus you know when to keep your distance or provide comfort.

This helps to boost a person's self esteem no matter how little the appreciation may be. A little "thank you" or any form of compliment will motivate the person to do more and will give them a feeling of importance.
No matter the situation, never take each other for granted.

When it comes to important issues between both parties or a larger group, it is important to respect each others opinion no matter how little or silly it may seem. Shunning down a friend just because you think his/her opinion is ridiculous will definitely hurt the person and perhaps will hinder them from sharing their opinion with you in the future.

When someone has something to say or complain about, say for example a long stressful day, it is important to listen so that you can give an opinion/suggestion when asked because it will be rather annoying and disheartening if asked for an opinion and you reply "oh sorry dear, i wasn't listening, what did you say?"

There comes a particular time when everyone needs space and solitude and so a little respect for a person's privacy or "me time" is important no matter how close they are to you.

No matter what, never compare your friends or partners with someone else. Everyone has his/her internal demons to fight and issues to deal with so comparing isn't going to help at all because everyone has a unique identity.

When there is a little tension in the air, an honest conversation helps a lot, this involves saying whatever you don't like about the other person because withholding something or suppressing your  feelings and thoughts about a particular issue will cause that issue to come back and haunt you in the worst possible way.
When there is unresolved anger, every little thing your partner does or says will lead to a fight. Always try to speak up and say what's bothering!

Some people tend to lest a situation or deed from the past ruin a beautiful future. Yes, it s alright to learn and gain experience from the past, but you should not allow it cloud your present judgement and feelings.

This is the foundation of every and any relationship. A little seed of doubt tests the strength of a relationship/friendship because without trust, everything the other person says or does will always seem suspicious.

Learn to put your pride aside and just apologize whenever you're in the wrong, because pride is just not worth losing someone over.

Written by Izzy Ehimen

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