Hey fellas! Okay I know floral print is the last thing most of you will consider wearing, but trust me...there are actually cool and masculine ways to wear please don't let the word "floral" scare you away...LOL...who says just the ladies can rock floral print??? Read on and be informed!

#1 Keep it simple! Wear one floral print per outfit, if one item of your clothing is in a vibrant floral print, keep the rest simple and plain!

#2 Tone it down! If you're not too big on the totally floral look, wear a neutral or dark colored jacket to minimize the brightness...or to even out the floral effect. A dark jacket will minimize the effect of a full body of flowers (hehe). Allow the shirt to peak out at the cuffs and collar for a fashionable effect!

#3 Consider the occasion- Always think of the occasion before you decide to wear florals! You cant wear a shirt with huge flowers on it to the office, that's preferrable for the beach or a casual saturday... you may consider a shirt with barely there florals, and as usual...your jacket will always tone it down!

A cream jacket will go nicely with this!

#4 Accessories! Can't go full on floral? then incorporate it in you accessories, they are easy and much safer to go with, and you can wear it to the office; a floral necktie or pocket square will give a stylish touch to you ensemble!

#5 Be Moderate: If the prints are bright, make sure they are not too bold and if they are bold, they should not be too bright

#6 Pick the dominant color: The background color or the dominant color on a floral print shirt should be the color of your trousers

#7 Go Inner! (LOL, could not think of a better sub title)- Okay, so just in case you're not daring enough to try this floral print can still incorporate it into your wardrobe swim/beach wear!!! Yup, floral shorts are great for the beach or the pool...they can also be worn casually! Go get one now :D


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  1. Thanks for showing me floral prints from a different angle.


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