#8 items a GUY MUST have in his closet...


Hiya Fellas! Its been a wile i did something on here for you, but guess what? there's something fresh on the blog for  you today, brewed to perfection, with just the right blend of fashion inspiration and style goodness...hehe!

So guys, take note! There are some things that just have to be present in your closet, these things form the basis of men's fashion. So are you ready?! let's get started...

#1 Chinos/Khakis
One word comes to mind when i see a guy wearing well fitted chinos trousers... "yummy"... I absolutely love the look it gives; casual but not too laid back, it is a MUST HAVE for you guys, if you don't already own one, please go get one...you won't be sorry!

#2 Dress shirt
This is a very important piece of clothing! Its very versatile, you can dress it up with a nice tie and pants or dress it down with jeans and a great pair of casual shoes, more so if its a plain material, or better still white! White shirts give you the opportunity to play around with different colors of trousers and shoes and the res...it only makes sense that you have at least one dress shirt!

#3 Good shoes
Need i say more? Ya'll know the importance of having a good pair of shoes, just in case you didn't know, your shoes are the first thing a lady notices about you, yep! that's right, your shoes speak volumes! So invest in a nice pair that will last and that can be worn with majority of your wardrobe, this is not to say you can't have multiple shoes in multiple colors sha, but there should be that ONE shoe, you catch my drift? Okay!

#4 Belt
Just like your shoes, your belt says alot about your personality as well...I don't know about other people but for me, a guys belt is one of the first things i notice, its kinda like the focal point of an outfit because in most cases, that's what divides the top half from the bottom half, it cannot go un-noticed! So try as much as possible to get an attractive one, and replace as frequently as possible cos i know belts tend to wear out with use.

#5 Suit/Jacket
It is highly ESSENTIAL that you own at least one! You never know when you'll need it...Suits will come in handy when you have a formal event to attend; wedding, dinner party etc...a jacket on the other hand, is very very versatile! Like you can wear it on jeans, chinos, you can even substitute it for a suit jacket and wear it to a formal event once you style it right, its basically an all purpose jacket..hehe. Get one for yourself, or better still have one custom made, trust me on this one!

#6 Nice pair of jeans
I don't even have to talk much on this subject...it is universal knowledge that one MUST own a good pair of jeans!

#7 Easy wear/Sandals/Slippers
I know not every guy will agree with this, but really, it is very essential that you own a pair, slipper or sandals, whichever you feel more comfortable in. Its a great stylish choice for the beach or a picnic or maybe just a casual stroll...your feet won't tell you, but i will! they need a breath of fresh air sometimes! So consider getting yourself a pair.

#8 T-shirt
You know those really nice t-shirts with the amazing graphics on the front? yeah! You should get one!, I don't know what it is about them tho, but they always look good! They give this sophisticated edge to an otherwise casual look...i love them and i compliment anybody i see wearing one although I'm a sucker for nice tees, but still, its only fashionably reasonable that you have several of these in your possession... :D
Plain T-shirts are really hot as well, they give a simple and clean casual look, its also a must have!

Stay Stylish!

photo credit: brianjmatis via photopin cc

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4 thoughts

  1. I love this article! Its ON point.

  2. What about ties? you forgot that one... besides what are you doing in a man's closet? lol

    1. LOL! Thanks alot for the addition! and to what i'm doing in a man's closet...i'm giving him professional styling advice! lol! *big grin*


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