10 QUICK and EASY fashion tips for the MEN...


Howdy Fellas!
Its amazing how some guys are oblivious to their fashion sense or lack of it, you can't always leave it to the ladies you know! So i have put together these easy tips for you to take note of and follow...if you can. Don't be scared....its nothing over the top or extravagant...hehe...hence the word "easy". Enjoy!

#1 Perfect Fit
There is a reason this is number one on the list...this is the most important factor that should be considered when picking out your clothes...IT MUST FIT! No, i'm not saying it should be tight, but let your clothes skim your body frame...you should not be lost inside your clothes, let your body shape be seen. Patronize your tailor if need be!

#2 Don't do your shopping alone
There's a chance that you will make poor judgement when it comes to picking a piece of clothing (or not)...but its always good to have a second opinion. Take your gf/wife, best friend or even a colleague along with you.

#3 You don't ALWAYS have to follow trends
Just because a certain outfit is trending doesn't mean it'll suit you or that you'll be comfortable in it. Stick to what you like and what you're most comfortable in, somewhere along the line you can mix up your own style with new trends, who knows, you might just create your own trend that way. 
Avoid buying everything you see that's in vogue, you might just end up with a heap of clothes you don't wear. 

#4 Don't stop improving your image
Modifications you made 5 years ago, should not be the same ones you're working with now...your image should grow and mature with you, don't neglect it! Invest more time and money into creating an improved you, find new ways of expressing who you are and what you are about through the way you dress...and always keep this in mind: your dressing is always your first impression.

#5 Simplicity is key
Always keep it simple...as a man, you don't need to overdo it; not more than 3 pieces of jewelry, not more than 3 colors in an outfit, nothing shiny, sparkly or too blingy (except you're a rockstar/musician and you have a performance). If you want to be flashy, a simple, well put together look will get you all the attention you need...trust me!

#6 Experiment with style
Don't just be the basic t-shirt and jeans guy...learn to be stylish. I don't mean you should go over the top with colorful trousers and floral shirts oh! (except you're into high fashion sha). But you should try new things, you might just find that you like something different from what you're used to.. experiment with different styles of shirts, practice your mixing and matching skills, but always remember to keep it simple!

#7 Get feedback
Ever stepped out of your house and people keep giving you looks like "uuuhhh...what's he wearing???" ? well you don't want that and you can avoid it by asking for opinions, get feedback from people around you that you trust to be honest with, friends, neighbors or even your mother, if you think their opinions aren't honest enough, contact me and i'll be glad to be of help.

#8 Pay CLOSE attention 
Details could be the knot on your tie, a pocket square(for those that like to suit up) or even the the color of your belt...these little things you may tend to overlook play a MAJOR part in tying your outfit together...that neck scarf or hat can create an extra effect to your look! One rule is that your top MUST match your bottom, you can't wear rugged jeans with a suit or dress shirt, instead, go for nice chinos trousers. Let there be uniformity!

#9 ALWAYS smell good!
This is one point i cannot emphasize enough...there is nothing as sexy and enticing as a man with a strong, soothing masculine scent! Your cologne matters a lot, invest in some nice fragrances and you won't be sorry, but if you find the prices a little over the top, there are a variety of affordable body sprays that will serve the same purpose just as well!

#10 Keep a neat Shave
You MUST be well groomed at all time, whether you like the classic clean shaven look or the rugged "wolverine" look, know what you like and what's best for you and create a regimen/routine for taking care of your shave

Be Fashionably Inspired!
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  1. After a long time I found a nice information about men’s fashion, appreciate all these tips a lot. And I hope to follow them.

    1. I'm really glad you found this helpful :)


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