By Efe Kiniovo

I decided to accompany my brother to his church for a Sunday service as I had overslept the previous night and couldn't make my usual early morning mass (my catholic peeps should know what I mean). After the service as I was waiting for my bro who normally has various meetings to attend, I couldn't help but notice a tall dark lady stride past me in an unusual gait. At first I thought she had an injury of some sort as she walked unsteadily but it didn't take me time to come to the conclusion that she was indeed uncomfortable in the 5 inch gladiator sandal she had strapped to her ankle. It was then I took a look around the church premises and realized that almost all the ladies had similar shoes of various types on, ranging from gladiator to kitten heels to wedge etc. each not less than 4 inches and quite a huge number of them weren't in the least comfortable as they walked awkwardly.

I then realized that fashion has really taken a toll on this generation and indeed done us a huge disservice in a way or two. In a bid to be fashionable, those ladies forgot that carriage is as important a factor as the clothes, shoes and accessories you have on. I mean why wear a shoe of about 4-6 inches which makes you uncomfortable and gives that awkward movement which ultimately ruins the entire outfit. Don’t get me wrong I’m a huge fan of ladies who wear heels only if they are able to carry themselves appropriately with grace and poise.

 So my advice to ladies out there who love heels (I’m sure almost all ladies do), please learn how to walk properly in those shoes. Practice they say makes perfect. I love to stare at ladies who have on a nice chiffon peplum top together with a dashing pencil skirt and a six inch Christian Louboutin shoes with the right amount of accessories to go with it. Please ladies I wouldn't love to see another damsel in distress. 

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  1. Please tell them oh.. Nice write up, well written indeed

  2. Your blog is really great! Your blog is great for anyone who wants to understand this subject more. I hope your blog write the more the better!


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