Only God knows what i would give to get everything working for me freely, yes freely, free shelter, free power, free transportation and other good things of life for free. The problem is that even the act of mentioning the word free is not even free.

Freedom is loved and cherished by all, it is suppose to be man's priceless gift given to us by God, but somehow, something is always holding it somewhere away from us, thereby making us pay a price whether big or small for everything that goes on in our lives.

There is a popular saying that 'nothing is free, even in Freetown', but why is that so? when freedom is something we all crave for in life, we fight with all our might to have that word engraved somehow somewhere so everyone can associate us with it often, resulting to words like a free Nation, free Nigeria in our case.... But i think we prefer the word independence because it comes with more authority and i sometimes feel that the word was actually made for Nigeria, because of our emphatic celebration of the word and not the meaning especially on October 1st, every year, when we roll out our drums, start up jingles on our media outlets with the word 'Independence day' on everybody's lips. 

'Independence day', are we suppose to be independent for just one day out of the many days of the year every year?  Do we experience independence even for just that single day?  Nigerians are we Independent? That is what we should ask ourselves as we tell each other happy 53 years of Independence on October 1st this year.

Why do i feel like i should not be a part of this celebration, why do i feel that something is missing, no, i think it is everything, everything is missing because nothing is in place after 53 years of what we call independence, so i said to my self, i don't want to do this, i don't want this independence or freedom if u chose to call it that, i don't want it if the system of this country is what it brings.

I want a good home where i can lay my head, nobody said constant power supply is suppose to be for only the rich, i want good roads and other ways of transportation, i want good and well equipped hospitals and schools, I want more than independence day.

Imagine the joy and trust gained if I successfully sue the government or a big personality for trampling on my right, I want speedy and fair justice not the 'justice' gotten before sitting, I want to aid our security outfits without having my head axed. I want more than Independence day.

How about seeing our leaders and smiling at them because we actually voted for them and they are performing. Can I ever call the senator from my constituency to suggest laws that should be in place and hear my voice on the floor of the national assembly through him? I want to discuss with our leaders in power and see my suggestion brought to light. I want more than Independence day.

The constitution says we are free to live where ever we choose, but our society tells us a different thing, I want to go about my normal duties lawfully without my ethnicity causing a barrier, I want to speak all Nigerian languages so i can relate with my country men happily. I want more than Independence day.

So can we have a rethink even in the spirit of the celebration on how to gets things in place, because these and more are the things that would give backing to the claim that we are INDEPENDENT.

Written by Erobot

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  1. Incredible piece bro, right on point


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