Dressing right for you body shape (Guys)...PART II


Hey guys! How's it going? so this is the second part of "dressing right for your body shape", (first part here). Obviously, not everyone is averagely built, as the photos in my previous post may suggest, so this 2nd part would be focusing on the different body structures; the short, the tall, the heavy, the skinny...and so on. Read on! and let your great minds be ENLIGHTENED! :D....


As an averagely built man, you are neither tall nor short, neither too heavy or too thin, you don't have huge muscles, and most clothes seem to fit you well, almost anything looks great on you (you lucky chap!). There's really not much advice i can give, but make sure to take note of these few:

1. Dress neatly ALWAYS
2. Pay attention to your complexion and color combination for clothes
3. Wear the right clothing for the right occasion.


Its actually more difficult for a man of muscular build to dress well than it is for a man of average build, its either too short and baggy or too small and skinny for the muscular man. Clothes that fit a muscular man in the shoulders and chest are usually too large in the stomach...so when dressing your muscular body, you should aim to downplay your upper body while increasing the presence of your stomach region. Here's what you do:

1. Avoid shoulder pads and detailing on your jackets
2. Get suits with large lapels and they will make your chest appear more proportional
3. Wear V- neck shirts...they help with making your body look proportional
4. Avoid shirts that are too tight...we don't wanna exaggerate how large your upper body is.
5. Wear shirts with small patterns, avoid large patterns.


The major key to a tall man looking proportional is to make sure that his clothing is made relative to his size.
Wearing clothes that proportion you correctly tend to take attention away from your height and ensure that the focus is on you and your talents...this is how you achieve that:

1. Avoid clothes that are too large, they would hang off your body in an awkward manner
2. Make sure your shirts are long enough! Short shirts on a tall guy...not very nice because they will make your legs seem longer.
3. Wear straight legged trousers or jeans.
4. Wear thicker belts and ties, they look better on you
5. Wear turtle neck shirts and sweaters
6. Get shoes with thin soles...you don't want your appearance to seem "chunky"
7. Get a tailor! If you can't find clothes to buy that fit you properly, make some.
8. Double breasted suits and jackets are a "yes" for you.


Men with short stature generally want to appear taller. Luckily, dressing a short man is quite easy, compared to dressing the tall man. Its always easier to have clothing shortened to fit you. So wanna look sharp with your short frame? Here's what you do...

1. Wear clothes that fit...get a good tailor to amend your clothes to size if they don't.
2.  Avoid clothes with horizontal lines, focus more on vertical lines, it will elongate your body.
3. Wear slim to medium sized ties...never large ones.
4. Make sure your jackets and suits are cut short; right above your butt
5. If wearing a sweater, make sure the fabric is thin
6. Wear boot cut or straight legged jeans
7. For your trousers. don't let there be too much space in the crotch area, it only makes short legs look shorter.
8. To lengthen the vertical line of your body, you can wear hats, shoes with a slight heel and get short haircuts.


Men on the larger side of life (hehehe) should invest in clothes that fit well. Large guys cannot hide their size but their clothing can help focus attention on their faces instead of their body; nothing too large or too tight or else you will draw attention to your body. Read on for some tips...

1. Choose clothing that skim over your physique...make sure they are not tight.
2. Keep in mind! Baggy clothes DON'T disguise your large frame, they actually make you larger -_-
3. Don't wear clothes with horizontal stripes because they will make you appear larger than you are, go for vertical lines instead
4.Wear jeans that have a relaxed fit and trousers that are flat in front.
5. Don't wear turtle-neck tops, rather go for V-necks
6. Wear dark colored clothing; navy blue, charcoal, brown and black. They elongate the body and make it appear slimmer
7. Get trousers that fall close to your heels, to give the illusion of longer, leaner legs.
8. For your suits or blazers, single breasted, three button ones are the best for you.
9. Focus on the seemingly small things; get a nice haircut, great cologne and a posh looking watch


As a thin man, you will need to wear clothes that make you appear bigger, wear clothes that add weight to your body, now i don't mean wear baggy clothes, you can wear clothes that fit just right and at the same time take attention away from your slim figure. Take note of these tips:

1. Horizontal lines are your friend! Wear clothes that have horizontal stripes
2. Make sure your clothes fit right; too slim clothes will make your thin frame more obvious while baggy clothes will make you appear thinner than you actually are.
3. Avoid wearing dark colors all through your outfit, they would make you appear slimmer...break it up here and there with lighter colors
4. When getting jackets, a military style jacket will suit you a lot.
5. Wear straight legged or boot-cut jeans, skinny jeans will make you look too thin.
6. The way you groom yourself can make a whole lot of difference, for example, allowing a little more hair grow on your head can give a shocking difference.


I'm very sure some of you guys don't fit into all the body types I've discussed so far, some guys are a combination of the above body types...let's take a look see below shall we?!


The key to dressing your kind of body type is proportion! As a big man,
1. Your clothes should be just slightly larger
2. Avoid padding on the shoulders
3. Avoid check patterns and go for solid and thick stripes


As a "long" man...hehe, you want to avoid clothes that make you appear like a pole...here's what you do:
1. Avoid clothes with vertical stripes, cos they would elongate your body, wear horizontal stripes instead
2. Wear lighter colored clothing because dark colors tend to have a slimming effect.
3. Avoid wearing clothes with similar colors, because the monochromatic look will make you look taller. Instead, go for clothes with contrasting colors.
4. Wear clothes that are fitting and not too large and not too tight as well.


This is one of the hardest body types to find clothes for...fit is extremely important for the short and stout, especially if muscular. Here's what you do:
1. Stick with solid colors and stripes
2. Avoid contrasting colors in your clothing combinations.
3. DO NOT wear baggy clothes, instead go for lean and straight to make you appear taller.


As a smallish guy, you need to make sure your clothes are proportionally smaller, because large clothes will make you look smaller. Here's what you must AVOID:
1. Over-sized lapels (in jackets and suits)
2. Cuffs that are too large
3. Shirts and jackets that are too long

So that's it fellas! I hope these tips will keep you stylishly clad!

Inspiring you Fashionably,
From My

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