The BATTLE against SHYNESS...


I know there are a lot of people on a constant struggle with shyness, i know because i used to be one of them and i haven't even completely defeated it! You know what sucks? shyness comes with a load of self doubt and lack of self confidence; you don't want to say something to someone cos you don't know what they'll think, you don't want to do something you love because you're not sure its good enough or you'll do it well enough...well let me tell you something...all that is BOLLOCKS!

Answer me this... do you love yourself? are you happy doing the things you love? if your answers are "YES" then you should seriously forget about what others think, don't dwell on it cos all that matters is you and how u feel! If you have something to say, speak up, don't hide in the shadows say it, air your opinions, join in the discussion, you'll be surprised how big a difference you would make in your personal growth, and you'll relate better with'll feel incredibly awesome TRUST ME! I've been there! I did a post on building your self confidence some time ago, you can check it here...

There was a point in my life when i was battling with CHRONIC shyness and timidity, it was so bad that sometimes, i would be too shy to put up statuses on Facebook or even update something on twitter! Yes oh! It was THAT bad! You can't even imagine how long it took me before i published my very first post on this blog and even after i did, i was still sooooo nervous and worried what people reading it will think! LMAO! I still suffer from slight "cyber shyness" sometimes, and i wish i didn't cos i have a lot of crayzeee in my head that i would love to share (and i'm sure all ya'll "shy-locks" feel the same way). Apparently, i don't do very well with attention; when someone acknowledges something good I've done, say on a post or on my blog generally, i literally don't know how to feel...i get shy, anxious, embarrassed and happy all at the same time, my heart rate increases and i start to wonder "was it/i really that good?"
*sigh* but Its a work in progress and i've made remarkable progress i must say! *taps self on back* and i know you can make that same progress and even more if you put your heart to it! YES YOU CAN!

The worst is when u meet new people (still a struggle for me, but progress is being made) i used to find it hard to hold up a conversation, you would literally hear crickets chirping in the background! LOL

Being shy could really make you lose a lot of opportunities or miss relating people you may need in your life, it could give people the wrong impression about you and you may come across as a snob to them
There's one thing you should always remember, as long as there's one thing about yourself that you love, you'll always have this inner joy glowing through, learn to show it off. If you've got something/can do something that you would be proud to show off, you should show it off! If you're not ready for "human contact" you can start with the internet (like i did)...There happens to be a great number of people who are super super talented in all areas of life and shyness has made them deny the world of their brilliant expertise...that is simply not just fair!

Focus on the things you know, what you can do and all you've accomplished instead of worrying about how you look, sound or will give you a feeling of self satisfaction believe me!
So join me in this battle against shyness, lets fight together! LOL

Anyway, i just thought to share my thoughts on this subject and you won't even believe how the inspiration for this post came about... I stumbled upon Cassandra Ikegbune's blog (check it here, amazing girl!) and i dropped a comment on one of her posts, less than an hour later she replied and said "nice blog" i suddenly felt a wave of "shyness" wash over me LOL...and every other feeling i described above happened to me...*deep sigh* seeing as i had been sitting in front of my computer looking for inspiration for my next post, a light bulb went on in my head and i decided to share this...i just hope someone somewhere finds some inspiration in this. Would love if you shared your thoughts, stories and experiences with me, remember we're in this battle together!

     Love Life, Love YOURSELF!

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11 thoughts

  1. I agree, one can miss out on a lot. But I'm not sure shy I was shy when I was younger, I'd say I was rather introverted, and lots of introverts are underestimated. Sometime there are misconceptions between being shy and being an introvert.There are strengths attached to being an introverts.

    Sometimes I'd even write and throw them out, but it all boiled down to working on esteem issues.

    P.S- took me a while to come out with my posts too. It gets better, doesn't it?

    Great post Aby!

    1. Thanks Mz Cocoh, i totally agree! There are misconceptions sometimes, thanks alot for sharing! and yes, it really does get better!

  2. chuky one'pilla8/21/2013 12:10:00 pm

    Lol!..nice post...shyness deprive peeps of many things..I was to some extent then, but I think involving in social gatherings and stuffs can help cub the problem.. I remember giving my first speech at a gathering was a big mountain psychologically..Getting involved in politics and social activities helped me a lot and now I can strongly say I have overcome it...In contrast to yours, I was never cyber'm a cyber freak and 'social networking'addict.. Kudos dear

    1. Lol! Thanks for sharing your experience Chuky! and thanks for reading! :D

  3. A glass of wine does the trick for me but I'll take your advice into consideration. Interesting post

  4. Lovely post so many lifes will be touched with ur post. Nice one dear

    1. Thank you so much! I hope to touch lives wit it

    2. I cannot say Ǎ̜̣̍м̣̣̥̇̊ a shy person, I do hav M̶̲̥̅̊α̲̅ shy moments tho. I can however totally relate with the post! I knw of a super smart gal, enthusiatic, open minded, awesome with words (written) and super with numbers! Buh I only knw all dese cos of loads of tym I spend with her. It hurts me that d world will neva knw hw awesome she realy is just cos she neva shows, she too shy to! I'm so sending her the link for dis post! Thanks purple

  5. Oh wow..I just had to comment. I found you today, and I am almost done reading all your posts. This definitely feels like my story. When I got to the Facebook and Twitter part...I let out a sigh of relief, not alone, but we will fight it and win.

    1. Yes we will win! Thank you for reading, i really appreciate it!


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