It is actually human nature to compare oneself sometimes, we all have the tendency to do so, and i feel it is something that is necessary for one to grow...but when it becomes something you consciously do (a habit) and you begin to see yourself negatively after these comparisons, then it becomes a big problem!

Comparison is one of the reasons most people are not content and come across as ungrateful for what they have...say for example, you go on Facebook and see photos of people and you start to think that your life is too boring or you don't have enough friends, you see someone start a page on their business and you feel you're not successful enough, you see someone with a great physique and you start to feel bad about your body or you see people travelling the world and going to new places and you start to hate yourself because you cant do all those things...these comparisons make no sense! Its like comparing the shape of an orange to the shape of a pineapple, its just pointless because they are NOT similar in any way!

Let me use myself as an example...when i started blogging, i came across other bloggers who had well established and well designed blogs with a lot of readers, people who leave comments and say how great their blog is! and i started to feel inferior in the blogging world, started to feel i didn't have it in me to do what these other bloggers were doing, i felt bad about my blog and wasn't motivated to write for a while... I mean, my comparison was pointless because
#1, I didn't know how long they had been blogging before they got to that point
#2, I didn't know the challenges they faced (or were still facing) before they got to where they where
#3, Their motivation for blogging (which is definitely different from mine) and many other reasons...

It was like comparing what a new-born baby can do to what a toddler can do...POINTLESS!
So i realized, the only thing i should be focused on is growing myself as a blogger, learn what i can from the established bloggers and use it to my advantage! Learn about myself in the process and in doing so, i'll become a better blogger and the only person i'll need to be comparing myself with is my "past self".

So its okay to compare yourself to someone that is really successful, but never in a negative manner. Never ever think any less of yourself because of it! Appreciate the person for his/her hard-work and let that be a driving force for you to put in more effort on your end, let it be a motivation for you to focus on yourself and to develope your skills!

My example above can be applied in ALL areas of life! Not just blogging! Learn to realize that we're each running our own race and nobody is on the same line as you, nobody is moving at the same pace or racing with the exact same kind of shoes, we all have our baggage...nobody is perfect!
My point is, you can't compare yourself to people because you don't know their story, you don't know if they have been where you are now, you don't know what they have gone through to get to where they are just might be better off than they are.

We all have our differences and our flaws and that's what makes us unique! Your strength might be the other persons weakness and vice versa. Take pride in what you have/can do because it is yours, nobody can or has the right to take that away from you! DO NOT LOOK AT ANYBODY ELSE because you're living your life for you and you alone! Don't be afraid to be yourself, because you are special! Comparing yourself just makes you unhappy and depressed and all for what??? No good reason at all! So be happy! Be you!

Most of all DO WHAT MAKES YOU HAPPY! Don't start or stop doing something just because the next person does it, if it doesn't make you happy, then it is a bad idea. Do things because you feel good when doing them, or it gives you a sense of accomplishment, not because you feel bad about yourself or think less of yourself...forget what the next person does or says, this is YOUR life! Not theirs!

I came across Sisi Yemmie's You tube video, speaking on exactly this same should watch it! I've put it below so you can watch directly from here...

So with this, i'll leave you with a few inspirational quotes below...i hope you read them and take them to heart!

Love yourself ALWAYS!

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