RETRO vs VINTAGE...the DIFFERENCE made clear!


I've come to realize that  people often confuse vintage clothing and retro i did some digging and guess what? They are NOT the same thing! Yes they are similar in the sense that they both represent a fashion that dates back to many years ago, but apparently vintage clothing dates back farther than retro clothing...i'll explain

Vintage refers to items that were made from the 1920's through to the 1980's, Vintage items are authentic, they actually come from another period! So if you purchase a piece, best believe that you're the only one who owns such a piece...(or at least you're 1 out of 5 persons) in the world. Vintage clothing can either be new or second hand, it is made with a completely outdated design. Vintage is something that is old and classical.

On the other hand...

Retro is all about style from the 70's and 80's, they are usually designed with another era in mind (say 50's or 60's) hence they have more modern feel, being that they are made using more modern fabrics, they combine classical and modern fashion. They are usually bold and eye catching.

The main difference between the two is that vintage clothing were (usually) previously owned, they were well taken care of and are still in wearable condition. Retro clothing on the other hand, are usually new and unused.

Vintage clothing are most times made from more durable fabrics and have more character than modern items. If you're looking to go for a truly authentic vintage look, you can only attain this by going for authentic vintage clothing

Vintage and retro pieces are, as we all know, very inexpensive (that is if you know where to look) and mostly gotten from vintage/thrift shops (a.k.a. bend down select *wink*)

Below are some photos of both retro and vintage fashion...enjoy!




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