Is The "Perfect One" Always "THE ONE"?


"I wish I felt, just a little more, to complete that dopamine max level so I become addicted to pleasing and making her happy. I wish I could  get drunk in her love just a little bit more so I can fool myself publicly in loving her back! But No! i'm just tipsy, 0.001 liters away from  becoming love drunk. I simply wish I could love her a little bit more".

Hey GUYS!!! *waving and smiling*
Today's post is more of an interactive one and i would really like to know your thoughts and suggestions on the matter.
You know how sometimes you meet a guy or a girl and they seem like the "perfect one", they have all the attributes of a good partner, they are like 100 yards of "wife/husband material" just don't feel anything for them, they show you all the love you can imagine but its like your love channel has been blocked towards them and you can't reciprocate...hmmm.
Anyways, a reader of this blog (who prefers to remain anonymous) has so generously shared his story with us, that's what started this post and it continues after all this my many many talk, hehehe, so ya'll should read and please comment with your opinions, thanks a bunch in advance for your comments *big grin*

She has all a brotha could ask for, beauty, brains, character even d fear of God! (can. you beat that?) and she loves me, that I know! I have seen cos she has shown and I have heard cos she has said.
Yes, I know you must be wondering, and you'll could probably be saying, "ehen! So what is now the problem?" Well dis is it, she feels for me more than I feel for her... I think.
I know I can do a lot for her, would even wanna take a bullet for her and all that noble stuff. Problem is that she isn't even looking for all that. All I believe she would love to hear is, "i'm yours", buy I don't feel that much just yet, can't say it if I don't mean it! I believe it'll be realer if i'm saying it because I believe it and want it and not cos I have to. Don't you agree? I feel hurt that I can't be what she would love me to be. I could work towards being it tho! But am i supposed to???

Is this an issue that can be acquired from effort? I mean I doubt she feels d way she feels about me from effort!
I felt that way bout someone else before, and I felt stupid for being so foolishly in love. Still feel nervous whenever i come across her till this day, so  I think I understand how she feels. A more reason why it hurts so bad!

I want to make her happy, but it seems trying to increase my affections for her beyond where it already is hurts her instead of the contrary. I'm really confused! It's like no matter what I do I end up hurting her. I mean if I try to love her more and fail in the process, I hurt her. If I break off from her and try to kill the little affection that is there, I also hurt her. I know I haven't given y'all enough details to truly understand what's going on here, but with this little I've said, please, I beg of thee, help me, What do I do???


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2 thoughts

  1. Hmmmm, I truly understnd ur pains dear, but I wil jus ask u 2 give ursef more time, if u enjoy her company, jus keep enjoyin it, with time, u might develop smfin 4 her, u can't force or rush ursef in2 such fin, it will hv 2 grow naturally. Wish u all d best my dear, God blessin n guidance be with u. Remain blessed.

  2. I agree with Steph...u shld give it time. If its meant to be, it will always find a way to be...


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