30 days of REFRESHING Inspiration + A WARM Hello :)


Hiya guys!!! Hope ya'll are having a splendid weekend so far...
So as you know (or don't know) I finished my 30 day inspirational post on Monday and it was an amazing experience and journey for me...you have no idea! I was inspired through inspiring...lol

I remember when it was just day 5 and i was thinking "Oh no! 25 days to go, what am i gonna write about oh!!" But somehow i kept calm and took it one day at a time. Anyway i'm not here to bore you with much talk oh...just want to say a warm hello to you guys! *big grin*

Just in case you missed some (or all) of my 30 day post...i will put the links below, so you can click on whichever topics pique your interest and read!

P.S: The Nigerian Blog Awards ends tomorrow night...and i want to thank and appreciate all of you who have nominated this blog...you guys are simply AWESOME! And if you've not gotten the chance to nominate, its not too late at all...all you have to do is:

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  1. Do What You Can With What You Have
  2. Be THANKFUL For What You Have First
  3. Let Your Goals be Your MOTIVATION
  4. Explore the NEW
  5. GIVE Freely
  6. Just Breathe
  7. Be Responsible for Your Own HAPPINESS
  8. Just FORGIVE and be Free
  9. LETTING GO of the Past
  10. Let Your CREATIVITY Loose
  11. Be BRAVE, Take Risks
  12. Don't Let Them Rain on Your Parade
  13. LOVE and be Loved
  14. Why so ANGRY?
  15. Enjoy the LITTLE Things
  16. Look for the GOOD in Others
  18. Look on the BRIGHT Side
  19. Be COMMITTED not just Interested
  20. ATTITUDE is Everything
  21. Dare to be DIFFERENT
  22. Be Your own HERO
  23. It happens for a Reason
  24. Your SKILL can slay a Giant
  25. Why WORRY?
  26. Choose your WORDS wisely
  27. Have a piece of HUMBLE Pie
  28. The Beauty of HONESTY
  29. The SECRETS to happiness
  30. Be a GOAL DIGGER


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  1. Such an awesome tag! I'm loving it! Thanks for sharing!


  2. Lovely post! I enjoyed reading this :)!


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