Daily INSPIRATION (Day 7 ): Be Responsible for YOUR OWN Happiness


The responsibility of making yourself happy is in your hands and your hands alone, yea i know there may be people in your life that have the ability to make your day sunshiny bright, but you should not give them the responsibility of "sole joy giver"...do not depend on other people to make you happy!

For example, you may think that you're unhappy because you're not in a relationship and the only way to be happy is to enter one and then you say "yes" to the next guy that asks you, that is totally wrong! You're doing yourself no good with that!
See ehn...if you cannot find some happiness on your own, you will never be completely happy with another person and that's just the way it is.

People won't always be there, people will disappoint you at some point or the other, no matter how much love you share with them, it's just human nature... so it is TOTALLY up to you to dig deep into your heart and figure out what makes you happy, figure out your "joy button" (Praying when i'm unhappy helps me a lot, you should try it *smiles*)

The joy/happiness that comes from within, is much more greater than what anybody else can make you feel...believe me! Its the kind of happiness that other people will see and become happy too...its too contagious!

So learn to find that inner happiness, learn to be happy with yourself and with what you have, learn to be happy with everybody around you...learn to be the one that makes you happy!


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