Most times we get caught up in trying to get the big extravagant things in life that we forget to enjoy the little things...we forget to stop and smell flowers, to pause enjoy the feel of the wind blowing on our face. The little things matter a lot, they are what we remember and appreciate when we reflect on days that have gone by. 

A little thing may be a fun evening with friends, the joy of learning something new, it may be the warm feeling you get when you've shown some sort of kindness to a friend or a stranger, or it may even be the first bite of a really tasty burger!

If you neglect to enjoy these little things, you are left with the daily struggles, the unexpected disappointments we have to deal with...we need to appreciate that life is made up of moments, a lot of beautiful moments and not just the passage of days, weeks and months.

When you reflect back on your day, what moments stand out in your memory? Is it the stress of the day? Is it the disappointment in yourself for what you failed to do?

If that's your case, it’s time for you to make a change. Each day, pay attention to at least one or two moments that worked out well for you. Don’t shrug your shoulders and conclude that "it was just a bad day. Nothing worked out for well". Even bad experiences have valuable moments wrapped inside them, you have to be willing to dig deeper to discover them.

 Even in your relationships, enjoy the little things...instead of a night out in town, stay in and enjoy each others company, watch a movie, have a chat and get to know each other better...appreciate the little hugs and pecks, hand squeezes and stolen glances...because those hold the fondest memories!


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