Daily INSPIRATION (Day 25): Why WORRY?


Worrying comes naturally to everyone, especially when we're faced with situations that threaten our happiness or well being or that of those we hold dear to us...but there's a line a person will cross and that worry becomes extreme or unreasonable!

Worrying wastes your time, time that you would otherwise be using to either get accustomed to your situation or doing something else all together! If you've done the best you can, done everything within your power, then relax...worrying won't make anything happen faster or slower...

There's the kind of worry that is unhealthy, the kind of worry that goes beyond reason...for example perfectionists worry about being failures or worrying about your social standing and how other people see you, paranoia; worried that everything and everyone is out to get you, that the world is full of dangers....all these worries can affect your normal daily activities.

Worrying has no effect whatsoever on the present situation, it is a mental burden that may sooner or later start to tell on your physical health...why not lay your worries at the feet of the Lord, free your mind of all stress and trust that He will perfect all that concerns you...you'll feel a lot more lighter and you'll be a much more happy person!


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