Daily INSPIRATION (Day 2): BE THANKFUL for what you have FIRST...


Sometimes we lose sight of the things we have and the things we've accomplished because we don't have the things we want at that particular point in time and then the feeling of sadness and worry sets it and the truth is these feelings block all productivity! You'll feel reluctant to put in effort into what you do or what you're supposed to do...

If you find yourself feeling this way, here's what you do, take a pen and paper and write down all the things in your life that you've accomplished and that you're happy about, right from when you were a kid to present day...if writing is too tedious for you, try telling it to someone, just give the person gist about your life, trust me you'll feel better afterwards and be even more determined.

In order not to lose sight of all the great things in our lives, we have to be constantly thankful for them.


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2 thoughts

  1. Just Beautiful.

    At some point,Everyone forgets to remember n appreciate past achievemnts n blessings because of that 'new thingy' we are after. So thank's for the reminder Ma.

    PS: GRATITUDE attracts more things to b thankful for.


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