Imagine your day is not going so well and you step out of your house and someone says "wow, you look really good today!" That will just set the tone for the rest of your day won't it?...you will walk around smiling, with a little spring in your step...it feels good doesn't it?

So you see how much better you can make someone's day just by giving them a nice compliment...that doesn't mean you should say it when you don't mean it tho...there is always some good in everybody, train yourself to look for the GOOD in others, whether its in their physical appearance or in their attitude.

If you see something you like in somebody, don't just keep the compliment to yourself...walk up to them and tell them, you just might be making their day! Even if its someone you may not be in good terms with, giving a compliment is a good way to break the ice.

If you make it a habit of finding the good in others and complimenting them, it tends to make you feel good about yourself, and you also learn to see the good in yourself as well...it is an amazing confidence booster! Just try it and you'll see what i mean!

Live SIMPLY, Live HAPPY...Give a COMPLIMENT Today! :)

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  1. Ok, miss purple heart u're simply awesome, dat's a compliment.


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