I personally take pride in being different...somehow i manage to standout from the crowd (i think it comes with being an Aquarius) and its awesome! We each have our differences, different way of thinking, dressing, talking, etc...but somehow, there are people that still fill the need to "fit in"...

Fitting in and being like everyone else is sooo boring! And it robs you of the opportunity of letting your true self shine through and discovering/showing off your skills and abilities. Do things differently, STAND OUT from the crowd!

Dress differently, have your own style...sing differently, create your own genre if possible, lol...be an artist with a twist, do things that stand out, you'll make more of an impression that way, and trust me...you will not be easily forgotten!

If you were born different, and you feel insecure about yourself...please don't! Take pride in your difference, there's a reason you were born that way, there's a special gift in there, search yourself, look for that gift and let it shine through for all the world to see...remember, weird is the new cool *wink*

LOL...this made me laugh!
We all say we want to make a difference in the world, but we go around doing what we usually do or what everyone else is doing. Want to make a difference? Do something different? Get noticed because of your difference and we'll be one person closer to a better world...

Still not sure about being different? That's okay, read more quotes below for inspiration...being different is always worth it!


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  1. Be You Ti Ful , there is nothing more beautiful than Being you. Different.


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