Daily INSPIRATION (Day 26): Choose your WORDS WISELY!


The phrase "think before you speak" holds extremely true! Most times, we tend to be oblivious to the feelings of people and we just say things as they come to our mind...unknowingly to us how hurtful or how much effect our words have, especially when they are spoken negatively. Too many people are guilty of this! I have a few in mind but i shall not mention names...lol, i just hope they read this...

Peace Itimi of peaceitimi.blogspot.com has shared her view and experience concerning this, read on...i'm sure you'll get a thing or two from it or you might know someone who can benefit from this...

Words have tremendous impact on our lives. Words can break or make us. Words can heal or wound us. I know people who live a life of crippling insecurity because someone spoke words of judgement, criticism and failure to them in a regular basis.

Words are seeds and the produce a harvest. When we sow negative words into the lives of people that hold us dear, on a regular basis, those words will have an effect in his/her perception of himself which in turn will be manifested in his attitude and behavior. Its no wonder, kid's whose parents always tell them they are stupid or lazy or dull or will never do well in life, always end up stupid, lazy, dull and not a success in life.

When our friends tell us hurtful or negative words, when they tell us things like we are ugly or dull or un-serious, we end up feeling inferior and that doesn't help in making us more serious or brighter or feel finer.

Once people have been wounded by the words of others, it takes time to overcome the wrong image they have about themselves. BUT the continuous sowing of positive and encouraging words would gradually help heal their wounds and build their confidence.

I didn't always like domestic duties, I know I'm a girl and all, but kitchen wasn't my comfort zone. So while growing up, my mum would always tell me I'm lazy and wouldn't make a good wife (hehe), even though i knew that i wasn't lazy and that I could will myself to do kitchen duties - and do them really well, I never did because my mum had concluded for me that I was lazy (so yea, I became lazy).

Then, my aunt came to stay with us. Everytime my mum said i was lazy, she'd counter it, she'd make me stay in the kitchen with her and we'd be gisting. Cooking became fun. I wasn't getting any shouts or insults and when i did something wrong, instead of getting slapped, I'd be encouraged. She left after a year.

Today, my mum doesn't enter "My" kitchen and she brags about how hardworking her daughter is.
My friend's always tell me how beautiful and smart I am and that makes me want to always develop myself (so I'd keep being really smart) and to put in effort in looking good all the time.

REMEMBER, words are seeds and they always produce harvest
I urge you today to sow something good into someone's life.
Sow a seed of love.
Sow a seed of encouragement.
Sow a seed of healing
Sow a see of blessing.
Sow a seed of confidence and believe. Truth is, if we believe in people, they'd make a great deal of effort to meet up to our confidence in them.
Words are seeds! And they will always produce a harvest
 Written by Peace Itimi


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  1. this is so true i know all to well the pain a mother can cause with her choice of words ive always been really sensitive too them and mine is very overbearing and has about as much delicacy with words as a bull in a china shop she is also extremely defensive so much so that if i were to share this i would get a phone call and get yelled at and told i hurt her feelings and how dare i embarrass her in public like that..... without me even tagging her


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