Daily INSPIRATION (Day 8): Just FORGIVE and be FREE


Forgiving is definitely one of the hardest things to do, sometimes the pain of being hurt by someone you care about can be so unbearable that the thought of forgiveness will seem laughable...your human nature tells you "don't forgive! you know you want to stay angry, you know you want them to suffer for what they did"...

But the truth is, the only person suffering is you, the burden of a grudge literally weighs down the heart.
There are even cases where a person doesn't even know they have wronged you and instead of letting them know and giving them the chance to apologize so you can forgive, you carry that grudge in your mind, unknown to them...its a burden, isn't it? You don't feel at peace, do you? That's what i thought!

Anger makes you seem small, while forgiveness forces you to grow beyond where you  are. You should know that forgiving does not mean what was done to you is okay, it just means you are ready to let it go and move on...you become a better person for it.

Relationships, friendships or marriages cannot work if there is no forgiveness, because people are bound to mess up at one point or the other, you should't let a mistake ruin a beautiful thing...so it is up to you to decide to forgive and move past it, or continue to dwell on it and make yourself unnecessarily unhappy

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