They say it's better to give than to receive...I TOTALLY AGREE!
Giving is a gift because not everybody has the ability to freely give without expecting something in return. Giving with a clear and open heart allows for more blessings to come your way...know why? because your heart is already open and clear of all expectations!

When you give without being asked, the smile or joy from the person you give is a great gift on its own...knowing that you've made someone very happy, someone that may not be able to return your kindness, that's what true giving is all about.

Giving something that you can't use really doesn't count as being generous. You know you have giving when you find it hard to part from that particular thing or it pinches you just a little to let go, that way, you've sort of given a part of yourself to that person...that's true giving!

When it come to giving, quantity does not matter, it doesn't matter if you give a million bucks or a hundred bucks, its always the thought that counts, the love and care that accompanies that gift.

 Now don't get it wrong, giving doesn't just end with helping someone materially or financially, your time is also worth a million bucks. Some people might be so lonely that 30 minutes of your time is like taking them on a shopping spree, some people just need care and love, other just need someone to talk to or someone to listen, or a simple hug. Giving comes in very different forms,

So try giving freely to someone today and see how wonderful you'll feel afterwards...just try it and then come back and leave a comment on this post telling me how it went :D

Live SIMPLY, Live HAPPY, GIVE Freely!

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