Daily INSPIRATION (Day 3) : Let your GOALS be your MOTIVATION!


There are times we want to get to a particular place or acquire something that we desire but the road to such a place or the process of acquisition seems too stressful and scary, then discouragement sets in :( 
This has happened to almost everyone at some point or other in life...

If you find yourself in such a situation, here's what you do...i believe at this point you already have a mental picture of your goal, that thing you desire and wish to get...with that in mind, remove all form of doubt or worry from your way and start working to attain that goal one day at a time, reminding yourself everyday of why you're working so hard. Let the result you wish to get from your hard-work be your motivation; your DRIVING FORCE!

I'll give you examples... 
A student who works hard to get all A's in her result because college scholarships will be awarded to the students who do excellently well, and because she's not from a very wealthy home, she works 10x harder than every other student and reminds herself EVERYDAY why it is important for her to get good grades... 

A working man that hates his job and everything relating to his place of work, but keeps at his work EVERYDAY because he needs the money he earns from the job to help him build a house of his own, that's his goal, his desire! His goal is what motivates him to ignore whatever displeasure he gets from the job and keep putting in his efforts.

...or a certain blogger whose goal is to complete 30 consecutive days of inspirational posts...hehehe...*big grin*

When you are working toward a goal or dream that is of great significance to you, and when you make that goal your daily focus, you will have more passion and drive to fuel your fire thereby creating success with each day that passes!

The goals you set may be short term, they may be long term...they may be small goals or goals so large that they scare you, but your KEY FOCUS should be the satisfaction you know you will get once you achieve those goals...take it one day at a time! Of course it wont' be easy, but you satisfaction and fulfillment would be greater once you get to the finish line...allow that thought keep you going!

The journey to achieving your goal might seem very far, and scary, but if you work at achieving it one day at a time, every day would be a step closer to attaining you desires, so NEVER GIVE UP and DON'T be discouraged! 

P.S: This post was inspired by my dear friend Fay-Fay...thanks a million babe! *hugs*


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4 thoughts

  1. Couldn't help buh rememba dose moments of joy or satisfaction wen I complete a painting, or a scene of my comic book, wen I receive a paycheck for a Tshirt made, or living/bed room wall designed. There were all I could picture, the periods wen I felt frustrated in d process, seem to be a blur nw! The pleasure of satisfaction takes over @ d end!
    Thank miss purple for reminding me of the benefits of perseverance and helping me see and wonderful my Goals can make me feel.
    Don't worry, you'll equally complete ur 30days post! We're here to motivate you along side your goal. It's ur goal to write dem, it's our goal to read 'em. Cheers

    1. Hehehe...thank u for your support, it is much appreciated! :)

  2. This is really inspiring. I can remember the first time I got acknowledged for my designs and paid to design! I felt fulfilled. Personally, I believe the first step to achieving ur dream is by believing that u can do it! Nice one Babez, flwin ur blog

    1. Thank you dear! I agree too! first believe and you can do whatever you set out to...


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