Daily INSPIRATION (Day 18): Look on the BRIGHT SIDE!


There are times when we find ourselves in bad situations, it could be failing an exam or losing a job or ending a long term relationship or any other challenging situation...the trick to getting through these is to look on and focusing on the bright side, the positive side of things...

Believe it or not, there is always a bright side to every difficult situation, no matter how little the light may be, it is always there. It is better to hope that things will get better than to wallow in the sadness and despair of the situation...now i'm not saying you should completely forget about your problems, but looking on the brighter side of your problems helps you see them in a positive light and makes them much more easier to deal with...

 Losing a job could mean that a greater opportunity is waiting for you, if only you could open your eyes long enough to see it, failing an exam or a class does not mean you are the dullest student in the class, it just might be an opportunity to study properly again and come out at the top, coming out of a long term relationship is bound to leave you heart broken, but the memories and experiences have made you a better person, and yes there is always someone good or better suited for you out there, focus on the positives!

 Learn to live your life on a positive note and look on the bright side of whatever negative situation you are faced with, you will find that you will be a much more happier person, and life's challenges will become much more easier for you to overcome!

Live SIMPLY, Live HAPPY...Look on the BRIGHT SIDE of Life!

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