They say "the truth will set you free"...and oh how right they were! "...set you free" is not meant in the literal sense, although sometimes it applies literally, but the major freedom you get is from yourself...your conscience!

 "Honesty is the best policy"...yea i know it's cliche but its actually the truth! Although there are times when a "little white lie" is acceptable *hehe* maybe lying about your location to a stalker or something like that..lol...but one should strive to live a very honest life, no matter what...because one little lie can grow into a series of unending lies, and the consequences are usually terrible!

Honesty doesn't just stop at speaking the truth...it also shows in our behavior and our attitude. Another quality of an honest person is being straight forward; .saying what you mean and meaning what you say, without any "pot holes" in what you're saying. This characteristic exudes honesty and trustworthiness.

If you're an honest person, you will be easily trusted and you will be taken for your word without a doubt in mind..you may lose a few friends by being honest, but the beauty of this is that, the few friends you will have, will be genuine!

Honesty is a GIFT so pure...and it is totally worth it!

Live SIMPLY, Live HAPPY...Be HONEST! *wink wink*

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