Daily INSPIRATION (Day 30):Be a GOAL Digger!


Imagine you're driving round town without a destination...you'll just keep going round and round, till you run out of gas/fuel...that't what its like when you don't set goals...

Setting goals gives you something to plan for and work towrds is important if you must achieve greater heights in life...you must have a clear picture of where you want to be at a certain point in time and what you would like to have achieved at said time...and then you proceed to working hard to achieve this goal. Success is the product of an achieved goal!

The trouble with not having a goal is that you can spend your life running up and down the field and never score.
— Bill Copeland
Setting a goal does not only apply to your professional or educational life...it can also be applied in your personal life as well and in your relationship with other people... do you want to learn how to play a particular instrument within a period of time? Or maybe your goal is to become a more likable or a more open minded person...all you need to do is map out a plan/outline the steps on how you hope to achieve this and get to work! A written goal is a sign of commitment, so write it down!

Be sure to set goals that a reasonable, specific and within your power, a long term/lifetime goal can be broken down into little easily attainable (short term) goals that will lead to the accomplishment of that large goal. Once goal number one has been accomplished, challenge yourself, set the bar higher for goal number 2...and success will be you mantra!

There is a satisfaction that comes from accomplishing something you set out to do, a fulfillment that cannot be duplicated...I know because i just accomplished a mini goal of mine! *big grin* Yep! This is the final day of my 30 day inspirational post challenge! Yay me!

Learn to appreciate you success, be positive at all times, take note of your progresses, it will be a great motivation for you, and ALWAYS have confidence in yourself! A goal can only be achieved if you are thirsty enough for the outcome, make sure you really want it. A goal should be emotionally satisfying. It should tug at your heart strings. Making sure that you really want to accomplish the goals that you set will make you strive harder when the road gets tough.

More on the IMPORTANCE of Setting GOALS here

Live SIMPLY, Live HAPPY, Be a GOAL Digger!

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3 thoughts

  1. Without setting Goals, we'd hardly accomplish anything.
    Writing down one's goals cannot be over emphasised, it's brings clarity and a lot of urge to accomplish d goal.
    Oh! That Joy you feel, that sense of fulfilment when u accomplish a set goal.

    Tnx for this post and CONGRATS on d accomplishment of ur Goal (30day Inspirational challenge). Kudos! More

  2. Love the post, its enough to make anyone grab a pen, set a goal for themselves and work towards it. very encouraging

  3. Congrats for achieving ur goal.


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