Daily INSPIRATION (Day 14): Why so ANGRY???


Why so angry? put a smile on that face *in joker voice*. Anger is a pretty dangerous emotion, or is it?
Or do we just fail to fully understand it and make the possible best out of it when it comes?  Cos, no matter how awesome one's life is, at a point we are bound to feel anger. Some more than others, but we all get angry. The flame of anger is not all that wrong but the coals that keep it burning is the danger.

It is said that, "one who doesn't know how to be angry, doesn't also know how to be good", I mean Jesus got angry, look what he did to the sellers in the temple, that was some bad ass rage.

Some people are scared to get angry, cos it gives birth to sadness and they just hate being sad, some others fear that they might hulk out and smash something or someone and try to flee or avoid the emotion 'anger'.
But I believe life is all about balance. You should get pissed every now and then, it's part of human emotion the existence of anger gives meaning to peace,  forgiveness, and even love.
Have u ever been  pissed at a loved one? For me such anger just begets more love.  

It is a very delicate emotion this one. Do u remember the quote, "be slow to anger"?  
Uncontrolled feeling of anger is like wild fire that will burn both its target and its thrower. But if one can be cool even wen angry one becomes like a gas burner that cooks your meal without getting consumed.

Do not spend to much time in d den of this scary emotion. Get it over with. "Yes am pissed at Aby, I'll tell her and explain why, and then move on to the next emotion of my life". 
However, I have come to notice that people relate with emotions differently. Some folks burst out in anger and do something stupid. Well if that's your case, I think the best remedy is a little delay, give it time to sink in, then later let out. Be slow.

"He who can suppress a moment's anger can prevent a day of sorrow. To rule one's anger is well, to prevent it is better" -Tryon Edwards.
Mind you, suppressing doesn't mean piling stuff up in one's head. It will explode one day! Suppressing starts from always being considerate. In whatever situation, give what or who ever is pissing u off at the moment the "benefit of the doubt". Make up reasons for why the event is happening or why d person is acting in that way. I mean won't u be happy if u do something wrong and some one says, "it's not his/her fault"? Especially when it really wasn't your fault? 
Am just saying that when u suppress explosive anger, in time you'll learn to control and then avoid anger, in the right sense.

Restraint is needed, cos anger not restrained, is frequently more hurtful to us than the injury that provokes it, yet again referring to the coal that burns the flame. Calm yourself down, when the feeling comes, understand why it has come, ask yourself the advantages and disadvantages that could come out of this feeling before acting.

Yes easier said than done. But really, what in life isn't easier said than done? Be conscious of this and try it every now and then, in time you will become an avatar controlling all 4 elements...don't know where that came from but u get sha. Hehehe.

Written by Sumain Ikoghode


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