Daily INSPIRATION (Day 11): Be brave...TAKE RISKS!


A lot of times, we know what it is we want to do, but for some reason...we just don't do them, we would rather take the "easy road", go for the option that seems, easier and less scary...What do you think is the reason? fear? doubt?

They say that for one to succeed or move higher in life, risks have to be taken at some point or the other and i totally agree. In my opinion, our minds are the major hindrances in risk taking. When weighing the options of a risk, your mind tends to create all sorts of scenarios, and exaggerates the consequences of taking that risk, usually negative consequences.

In taking risks, do NOT focus on what could go wrong, rather see things in a more positive light...let your desire for the end result be your driving force! A lot of huge empires today were created because alot of risks were taken...now i'm not saying every risk you take will yield a positive result...but at the end, you will be better and more experienced in the risk taking game...lol.

Remember, you can't fail if you don't try...and you don't know that you will fail if you don't try! If it means so much to you, then it is worth the risk!

Live SIMPLY, Live HAPPY, Take a RISK Today!


PHOTO CREDIT: Curated Quotes

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