Daily INSPIRATION (Day 20): ATTITUDE is Everything!


Attitude, Sometimes we hear people say "that girl/boy has a nasty attitude" or "that girl's attitude towards her work is very good"...so what does attitude really mean? and why is it so important???
Attitude is our reaction to the way we think or feel about somebody or a situation...we are all in control of our feelings and our feelings in one way or the other determine our attitudes and how we go about our daily lives.

If you feel that you will succeed in whatever you set you mind to, you'll have a positive attitude that'll help you succeed...a positive attitude towards everything in life tends to open doors to great opportunities...

Things may be going terribly, but your attitude towards it; how you react to the situation determines how much it will affect you...

Now talking about your attitude towards other people, having a bad attitude could make you lose friends and can tarnish your relationship with people around you...it slows down your life's progress...
Before you give a hurtful or rude remark, stop and think...try and be sensitive to the feelings of people around you

You may feel that there are negative things around you that are the cause of your bad attitude, maybe family, work place or your environment in general...but the fact is, you are in charge of how you feel and how you react to certain things...nobody can determine that for you.
Your attitude speaks volumes about you and; a bad attitude hides your potential while a good attitude opens doors of opportunities!

Your bad attitude does more harm than good, it affects your happiness, it hurts those around you and it affects your future...if you continue to look at things negatively, more negativity will come your way! So adjust that attitude today, its worth it!


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  1. hmmmm i like dis post especially the quote about the flat tyre. 10 more days to go dearie. Keep a positive attitude! you can do it!.....................Critik


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