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Writers' Vault features written pieces from writers, bloggers and anyone who wishes to have their written piece seen and read...here is what was featured on the blog in 2014...with excerpts from each post.


Battle by Peter Amayo

The battle with yourself is the hardest to judge a victory or loss. I say this because win or lose you feel both sides of the coin.We have come up with different ways to win our battles but every now and then a new battle comes and squashes that method that we think was the easiest.

Humility by Chris Emeka

Humility is always in the right and is way more powerful than pride. Sir Thomas Moore summarizes and hits  this nail on its head when he said, "to be humble to superiors is duty; to equals, is courtesy; to inferiors, is nobleness; and to all, safety; it being a virtue that for all it's lowliness, commandeth those it stoops to."

Contrast by Peter Amayo

How do you balance contentment and greed. We all want more, we all want to be successful by any means necessary.
Every beat has a dance, as does every path of life with two options the easy or the fast way. Which would you pick? 
A life is born, a life is taken, who are we to question the creator. 

How Tasty are you? Amerigo Bonasera

How much time, energy and care have you given to yourself? It’s not just about your packaging but the whole package itself. Are you fully baked, half-baked or even burnt by the experiences, time and people around you or you’re more concerned about your icing craft (your packaging)? 

Raindrops Reminiscence; Idongesit by Jerry Chiemeke

There was the thrill which came from groping for each other in the dark, there was that motherly care she loved to lavish on me, and while I was more than comfortable with the name her mother had given to her, I chose to refer to her as “Idongesit”. There was more to that name than just those four syllables. For me, Idongesit was not just a name. It was a feeling, a state of mind, a sensation. 

Broken by Peter Amayo

I have no excuse for what I did. Truth be told I have no reason for hitting her. 
I can't believe he is cheating on me. Yes he is! Because if he isn't, he won't have hit me when I confronted him. 
I swear I am not cheating on my wife I love and respect her. I pray she forgives me, I want my baby back. I feel so incomplete without her.
I am done, he is a cheat and a woman beater. I am out of this marriage, I didn't sign up for this. 

We are here for All of us by Paul Amayo

In any way you can show support and offer help, please do not neglect it. Be it through relief funds, prayers, by volunteering to be health workers, educating people, or being health and hygiene-conscious - just keep fighting. No matter how little or insignificant we think our efforts are, it is in our best interest to keep at it, as opposed to doing nothing.

One Picture, One Thousand Words by Chuky One'Pilla

I will stand strong
Like an African woman
I will prove them wrong
And make them swallow their tongue


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