Many times I cried, not because I was hungry but because I was tired, tired of life but still I don't want to die. 

There have been many happy times but the sad times drown the happy ones. 

This is life, a place where you rejoice when you receive good news unexpectedly and grieve when the one you plan for fails. 

Life, where you fall in love and get heartbroken by the one you gave your heart to. Life where the rich cry and the poor smile. 

How do you balance contentment and greed. We all want more, we all want to be successful by any means necessary.

Every beat has a dance, as does every path of life with two options the easy or the fast way. Which would you pick? 

A life is born, a life is taken, who are we to question the creator.  

Even though I cry not because I am tired, but because I am grateful for life, life punches hard which makes me stronger. I allow my tears flow when I am hit not because I am weak but because I am strong enough to allow my emotions show.

I chose to live my life to the fullest, and allow the creator guide me for He knows the vision He has for me.

Life is about choices, what choice for a better life have you made?

Written by
Peter Amayo

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3 thoughts

  1. Waoo nice one peter, for me I have chosen the right and just part.......you have made my afternoon

  2. This is nice, yea I knw Peter is intelligent, looks r his only challenge. Nice one bro

  3. Nice one Peter! This is what I'm taking away "Life is about choices, what choice for a better life have you made?"


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