How Tasty Are You?


Written by
Amerigo Bonasera

A cake is a combination of many fixings; spices, flour, eggs, sugar, fat and anything the baker deems fit. Cakes come in different flavours, shapes and sizes and are made for several reasons and occasion. It takes a lot of time, energy and care to make one from start to finish.

The beauty and taste of a cake depends on how much the baker has put into it, no doubt a cake worth a few thousands shouldn’t be compared to one worth hundreds of thousands, but hey! Ask the bakers and you’d find that it doesn’t exactly follow; a cake might be exceptionally beautiful and expensive but have an awful taste while another could be cheap and ugly yet make your taste buds exceptionally happy.

Most bakers hurriedly get their mixtures into the oven and get it out before time so they concentrate on the icing craft forgetting that the most important part of the cake lies beneath the icing. When one gives appropriate time and attention to the mixture, proportion of the fixings and oven time, it turns out really nice and tasty. In trying to make a cake tasty and beautiful, one can cause a conflict in taste by adding too many flavours and less appealing to the eyes with a choked up design and many colours.

Less they say is more, even in cakes my dear. It doesn’t need to have a lot going on to be worth a lot of money.

Just like a cake,

How much time, energy and care have you given to yourself? It’s not just about your packaging but the whole package itself. Are you fully baked, half-baked or even burnt by the experiences, time and people around you or you’re more concerned about your icing craft (your packaging)?

If you were a cake put up for sale, how much would you be worth? In a social, intellectual and academic society where the people around you happen to be the judges of the cakes which you have baked and dished out to them through your intellect and attitude, how tasty would you be?

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3 thoughts

  1. **sigh** mami...I don't do cakes.....dunno why...buh there is something bout them that I am allergic I stay away from them...looks yummy tho'------and if I were a cake....I think I will be yummy....cuz mehn...with everything I have been through so far....its not worth being a burnt cake mami....a fully baked cake is more like it...

    Tibs Tells Tales

  2. Retrospection. Nice. something to think about, let me go and ask myself this.


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