Someone once said life itself is a battle. I didn't seem to agree then but now I see the reason behind such thought.

We have all fought battles and many of us are still fighting one battle or another even as you read this.

Many we have won, plenty we have lost. Still we keep pressing forward. Times when the odds didn't favour us we still pressed forward. When we failed to understand the battle we fought we turned to the Supreme Being. In our separate ways we call Him and ask for help. 

Have you ever been in a battle and you 
didn't know how you got into it? Confused, you ask the Supreme Being for help and there is no answer. The confusion that ravages your mind, the turbulence of thoughts on how to win or at least escape this battle ambushes your every thought.
We all have our battles come in different forms. Be it in marriages, with our parents, some with school, others with work and the hardest battle of all...with yourself. 

The battle with yourself is the hardest to judge a victory or loss. I say this because win or lose you feel both sides of the coin.
We have come up with different ways to win our battles but every now and then a new battle comes and squashes that method that we think was the easiest.

I write this because I am fighting a battle here which I am not sure I want to win or allow myself lose. I am plagued with the thought on where to stand. Victory or vanquished, I feel the brunt of the battle. Still I march forward I was created to fight and I am built to win. 

Plagued with the thought of the people that will get hurt by the outcome of the battle we fight we sometime take selfless decisions to please others and punish ourselves in the process. 
How do you win a battle that your victory would mean the loss to the people around you. 
That is the state I am in now. 

If you know any way out of this scenario that torments me, please do help me. Until someone comes up with a solution I will remain here and try to find a balance between the wins and loss balance. 

If you are going through a case similar to mine please indicate by smiling and saying to yourself these words with all the belief in your heart. ‘This too shall pass’.

Written By Peter Amayo

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8 thoughts

  1. Nice one. You took the words right outta my head and heart...it's well

  2. aww...sooooo touching...and inspiring too

  3. Beautiful... Its how I feel; at the war front! At war with self; love and the world... But indeed this too shall pass

  4. "this too shall pass" keeps me going everytime

  5. Good read, this too shall pass, cause it came to pass. Battles are won or lost based on our convictions, values and beliefs. But in all not every loss is a loss.


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