One Picture, One Thousand Words


They say a picture speaks a thousand words, and I believe this to be true. I posted this picture online sometime ago (I kind of look like queen Nefertiti don't I?) and a friend of mine said "this picture is actually kind of deep, you can write something, prose or poetry, from it". Then I told him to go ahead and write something since i'm not much of a writer, and he came up with five different pieces from this single picture...


In deep thought
My soul hurt
Battles fought
Bridges burnt

My mind in crisis
Shred into pieces
Enemies rejoices
In high places

I will stand strong
Like an African woman
I will prove them wrong
And make them swallow their tongue



Hey future
What's in store for me
I'm asking nature
Where's the pleasure

Sting witnessed
My heart pierced
Eyes teared
My hope withered

But just like a cat
A woman is hard to die
Just like an art
I can stand the test of time



When will the sun rise
When will the shadows disappear
When will the gates break open
And the the ideas overflow

Drunk in thoughts
Sipping in tots
Sober in my mind
Luck please be mild

As I lay pondering
And my mind wandering
One be questioning
Like the day of reckoning



Black bandanna
You hold my hair
Mother nature
Bind by your awe

Strong and determined
Life of an African woman
Oh black bandanna
Symbol of my thought

Strong and black
Flexible and firm
You hold the pack
With gilt and charm



Rejoice humanity
In our stupidity
African mothers
Where is thy virtue

Child after father
Sob no further
You don't know your Dada
Patience, not anger

A bastard has got a name
Too many masters are boring
We have no shame
We should be up and running

All written by Chuky1Pilla

My favorites are 1, 2 and 4...which are yours? Do you think he captured the essence of the picture in these written pieces? If you're a writer, would you like to try? The comment section is your expression board, express yourself and let me know what you think :)

Truly Yours

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3 thoughts

  1. I love 1 and 4 the most. They are really cool and deep. Kudos to him

  2. I love 2 and 4...this your picture is fine sha. Nice

  3. 1and 4. I like them because they speak more of nature, mother, strength in women, beauty and Love.. Nice one chuky1pillar.. And also the picture is beautiful.. Nice one Aby.


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