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Great talent is one of the many things I appreciate in people, even more so, when they have more than one talent. Ever heard the phrase "Jack of all trades, master of none"? Well that is not the case with our guest on the blog today. He may be good at a lot of things, but he is a master in his craft.

Highly talented OAP, Peter Amayo, makes being an on-air personality seem like a walk in the park. Being a student in the University of Benin hasn't slowed down this ambitious young man, he finds a way to mix his school work with his career.

Smart, witty, hyperactive, with a crazy sense of humour, Peter Amayo brings joy and laughter to all who listen to his shows. I would know because I am an ardent listener. The first time I heard him on radio, I started making plans of going to apply for an OAP job, he made it seem that easy.
Peter Amayo brings fun and life to your radio.

Peter Amayo currently works with Rhythm Fm Benin (93.7), and co-hosts two shows;
Dance party with his co-host Stephanie Ohumu (Mondays, Tuesdays & Fridays, 7:30-10 pm)
The scoop with his co-host Nikki Francis (Thursdays 8-10 pm)

I had a cyber chat with Peter Amayo recently and here's what he had to say...

Miss PH: Tell us about yourself
Peter Amayo: My name is Peter Amayo, an OAP, first of four boys. I love to talk and I'm enjoying a growing career doing what I love. I love to be creative with almost everything around me. I sometimes think I am funny, but I know people who laugh at my jokes just do it so I don't feel bad.

Miss PH: Why the media? 
Peter Amayo: I really can't say, I just wanted to talk and I wanted to be heard, the media is a very good platform, so here I am.

Miss PH: When did you first realize you wanted to be a media personality?
Peter Amayo: I realized when I started listening to Vickky on "after dark" on cool FM, Lagos. Also, Dan Foster, Freeze and Gbemi. I just loved that they talked and we loved them for it.  I loved what they did, and I wanted to do it too. I wasn't really sure though until I got my first chance from my God Mother Isioma Osaje who gave me a job with Koga TV, that was when I realized "OK, now I want this OAP thing".

Miss PH: What message are you passing/do you hope to pass to Nigerians through your craft?
Peter Amayo: Well, first is the fact that dreams come true if you wake up on time from your slumber and start working on it. Also, everyone has a different calling, be yourself, that's the best you can do for yourself.

Miss PH: What changes/impact in media entertainment are you looking to make?
Peter Amayo: I hope to bring a relaxed groove to the very heavy things happening around. I'm one person who finds a joke in everything. I want to be that person who the history books will say 'He made the worst of things look so simple'.

Miss PH: How has the journey been so far? 
Peter Amayo: So far, it hasn't been easy. I have thought of running away from all of it, but then, no one said it will be easy. On a higher percentage, it has been fun. There is nothing that gives more happiness than loving what you do. Listening to comments on my shows and how it has made people happy just makes me very glad and grateful.

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Miss PH: Who have your biggest supporters been?
Peter Amayo: My family has been my number one support. My Childrens Church Coordinator Aunty Mary who allowed me host my first program on children's day in 1999.
My friends Lemachi Chris-Asoluka, Dr Dibs, Ifeanyi Adibuah and Tope Adetifa. I must give credit to my God mother Isioma Osaje, she practically gave me my breakthrough job in December 2012. She has been my support system and help. Mr McDonald Peter- Ayangbe, the BM of Rhythm Fm Benin, he brought up the 'team rhythm' plan which brought me to the radio.

Miss PH: What lessons have you learnt so far?
Peter Amayo: I have learnt that it is easy to dream big but attaining that dream comes with a lot of hard and smart work. I have learnt that to get to where you want to be, some friends will have to be dropped. I have learnt that pushing yourself that extra mile will be what will place you above the rest. Lastly, I've learnt that God will make you go through some storms instead of delivering you from it so you can learn as you go through the storm.

Miss PH: What has been your most memorable moments as an OAP?
Peter Amayo: Aside my first day having a show on Rhythm Fm Benin which was on the 2nd of February 2013, I'll say it was the first day a young lady stopped me and said 'Hi are you Peter Amayo?' I was on the phone when she stopped me, she said the voice sounded like her favorite OAP's and I said 'yes I am Peter' and we took photos.

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Miss PH: Any big future plans? 
Peter Amayo: Plans yes. Graduate from UNIBEN, push my career further beyond what I can see now. I want to be a household name. I'm working on it and God has been faithful. 

Miss PH: Any final words?
Peter Amayo: I am not where I want to be, neither am I where I was, it shows I have made progress. Every step counts. I'm not perfect we are all still learning. Thanks for all the support, I promise to be better. I love everyone who has stayed by me, God bless you all.

Peter Amayo has a few things to say to you guys, listen HERE or press play below.

You can catch Peter Amayo on:
Twitter: @PeterAmayo
Facebook: Peter Amayo
Instagram: @PeterAmayo
E-mail: peter.amayo@ymail.com


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