What did I do to deserve this? How did I get myself into this problem. He never used to be this way. He used to hold me and call me names, names that sent tingles to places that I never knew had nerves. He used to care, he used to love.
When did things get this bad? He never had these signs while we were courting. Aside the occasional drinking I never had any issue with his lifestyle. Maybe I caused it, maybe I suddenly got too harsh when we got married. The loads of questions I bombarded him with when he came home late. Isn't that what a good wife is to do? Correct her husband when he was doing wrong as he would when she did wrong too? 

I love her I swear I do. How did our lovely marriage get to this point? How did we suddenly drift apart? I still remember taking my vows, I meant them then and I still mean them now. She used to play with me. Occasionally she still tries to play with me but I am too tired most times, the office has been energy consuming of late. She means the world to me even if my actions now don't show it. You really can't blame me can you? She suddenly got easily irritated. She used to watch football with me, now I don't get the chance to see the games at home. I used to hangout with my boys on Fridays while we were courting. She never had complaints about it then but now whenever I get home at 9 pm I need to be ready for the harassment of questions that await me. I have never cheated on her I don't see myself doing such. I miss the days when she welcomed me with a kiss. The way she kissed sent fire through every bone in my body. I miss when she called me pet names, funny enough she still does but the affection behind the names is gone. Now It comes out dry and empty. 

How did I miss the signs during courtship? She was perfect, a little short or what I call 'vertically challenged', she liked when I said that to her. She was beautiful, her curves and her lovely face made men stop and stare. I lost my mind, I regret it.
How could he? What was my offence? 

Why did she? She pushed me too far. 

He hit me. 

She called me dog, a Casanova.
He must explain to me why he did it. 

I have no excuse for what I did. Truth be told I have no reason for hitting her. 

I can't believe he is cheating on me. Yes he is! Because if he isn't, he won't have hit me when I confronted him. 

I swear I am not cheating on my wife I love and respect her. I pray she forgives me, I want my baby back. I feel so incomplete without her. 

I am done he is a cheat and a woman beater. I am out of this marriage, I didn't sign up for this.
I still love her, I would do almost anything to get her back. She is my world. 

I used to love him, I still do, but I would change, that I know I can. 
I want her back, I didn't mean to hit her. I feel broken. I should have patiently explained to her. She just came too strong. I had a bad day at the office coupled with extra hours, the car broke down on my way back, I had to get a tow truck to pick the car. I took a bus then walked the rest. I was tired, I just wanted to go home and lay on the bosom of my amazing wife. I had tried to call her phone but the network quality was terrible. When she came on me I didn't know when I lifted my hand and slapped her. Oh God! I felt like my world had crumbled and now it has. I am down on my knees, crying and begging her to forgive me. I could see the shock and anger in her eyes. The look in her eyes broke my heart.
He has done the number one unforgivable sin in marriage. He hit me. All because I asked him why he was coming in late. He closes from the office at 6 pm, so what excuse does he have for getting home at 11:50 pm? I am not saying I don't trust him but he has changed. He doesn't touch me like he used to, his excuse was always that he was tired. No late night movies or pillow fights. I just wanted to get the old him back. I had gotten a promotion at the office today I wanted to tell him as a surprise while we had dinner. The food got cold, and as the hours grew my mood changed. I had forgotten to recharge my phone with airtime so I couldn't call him to ask why he wasn't home yet. I waited for his call but he didn't call. Why won't he call if he wasn't with another woman? Honestly when he walked in I was happy but the anger of frustration won the battle within me. I shouted at him, I know I shouldn't have hurled those heavy words on him but still he should not have hit me. My heart is hurting. The instant he hit me all I could remember was the smile on his face when he said his vows. Now here he is, kneeling before me, asking for forgiveness. Tears dropping down his eyes as they flowed down my eyes too. I can see the disappointment in his eyes, I can see genuine remorse but I just cannot forgive him. He has done the unthinkable. He hit me.

Written by
Peter Amayo (@PeterAmayo)

photo credit: *Paddy* via photopin cc

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  1. Mehnnn...!! That wuz a piece...Job welldone Pete..Thumbs up...

  2. Please tell me this is not the end! Like there's a part two or something

  3. Lovely piece. We wanna know what happened.

  4. Got me glued too. Touching story, am not a saint, there are quite some atrocities I could commit, but HIT my woman? That's a no no no no no!

  5. There has to be a followup.....please say there is.....


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