Twenty6; The Woman I am Becoming


A couple of years ago, I read a post on Sisi Yemmie's blog; she talked about how she wrote something on her twitter profile about being the future ambassador of a certain brand, and fast forward few years later, it came to be. I took this cue and wrote on my own profile "Future top influential woman in Africa"...and that is the dream goal.

They say experiences shape who we are, but most times, it's our reaction to these experiences that determine how we will be shaped. Imagine if I never had issues with self confidence (oh you didn't know? Read about it here) I wouldn't be a strong advocate for self love right now (yes I am actually) and I wouldn't be passionate about helping people become better versions of themselves (hence this blog).

Have you ever had an epiphany? I had one on a very beautiful sunny Sunday afternoon after church.
While waiting for Sunday rice to get done, it suddenly hit me; one of the major things I truly want to do in life. I guess you can say I figured out my "life's purpose" at that moment but let's not go too deep.

I came to the realisation that I want to help and encourage people, I really and truly want to make positive impacts in people's lives. But how do I do this? I brought to mind all the things I like doing, things i'm interested in doing and things i'm good at doing, perhaps I can use these channels to reach people somehow.

Being a Computer Engineering graduate used to be a bragging right for me. One of my biggest dreams was becoming a guru in what is usually considered a male dominated field; becoming the woman that gave men the shock of their lives whenever they underestimate me and later find out that I am "the shit".

That, ladies and gentlemen, is never going to happen.

Engineering, sadly (sorry mummy and daddy) is not my calling. I actually live for the creative life. There were times when I was younger and I'll be extremely sad, bordering on depression, because I wanted to do something creative but didn't know what and didn't know how, do you know how frustrating that can be? Yep, very frustrating.

So, the creative life is where my calling is. I love and enjoy designing (graphics), coming up with ideas and also (a very recent discovery actually) creating content. The graphics design field is also quite largely male dominated, so I just might still get the opportunity to feel like a "super woman" sometimes. I should be sharing a few of my designs on the blog in the very near future, so anticipate.

I have been planning to launch my urban fashion brand for 2 years now, I actually thought I would have launched it by now, but there were a few setbacks due to name registration and what-not, so I've had to pause and sort of re-brand. It kind of felt like I was about to cross the finish line and then I started running backwards, I was definitely not happy about this setback. But after speaking to a few people who encouraged me to stay strong, I decided to face the race again with a strengthened spirit.

The woman I am becoming doesn't let setbacks keep her down for too long, because she is a fighter and a winner.

The woman I am becoming is too talented for her own good, I know this because I see myself becoming a graphics design goddess (amongst other skills) in the near future, she is passionate about using her experience and her status to influence people positively around the world.

The woman I am becoming is actually almost too good to be true, okay that sentence should have read "the woman I HOPE to become is almost too good to be true" but the positivity in that statement is a bit lacking don't you think? So let's stay positive.

I would continue this post, but I don't want to brag too much about my future self. Just watch out for her! *insert dramatic action sound*

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P.s: This series was named "Twenty6"  to commemorate my 26th birthday which was on the 14th of February.

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  1. "The woman I am becoming doesn't let setbacks keep her down for too long, because she is a fighter and a winner."

    That spoke right into my heart. I am a winner.

    Thank you for sharing. You have such a beautiful blog here.


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