Its been A YEAR!


Whoop-dee-doo!!! FMPH is one today!!! Wow! Its a really happy day for me oh!
I never guessed i would get this far when i hit my first "publish"...i thought i was gonna lose interest after a while, but here i am today, still burning the blogging fire LOL...why thank you! I'm proud of me too! *big grin*

I started this blog in an attempt to find myself, do something different from my everyday routine, hence i didn't really have a clear vision of how i wanted this blog to turn plans for this blog have changed like a billion first i started out wanting it to be all fashion, so i started from the basics, "knowing your body shape", i figured if everyone knew what best suits them, they'll find shopping for clothes and dressing p a lot easier, then i posted some fashion tips n advice, how to's and other things fashion related.

On one lovely day like that, i had an epiphany and felt a big urge to inspire, so decided to deviate a little and wrote a few inspirational posts, but still letting fashion be the basis of the blog, and then i noticed that a lot of people where getting it wrong in relationships with their friends and significant others and i needed to find a way to reach out and help, i really do enjoy helping others and being an inspiration, somehow i gain some satisfaction from doing so...No oh!!! i'm not showing off *blushing* it's just the way i'm wired..hehe...really it is!!!*adjusts halo* *wide grin*.

So where was i? Yes!...relationships, so i began posting relationship related posts, some i discovered on other sites and found them really cool, so i shared.

At some point, i noticed my fashion posts were very one-sided (tending towards the women folk) and it was imperative for me that i reach out to everybody therefore, i started writing on men's fashion! (So they don't feel left out..hehehe)...

Ah! Lest i forget...i also did a couple of outfit posts, the plan was to do more oh, but for lack of a good camera and a readily available photographer (some tell me that's not an excuse *rme*) but all that is gonna change! More outfit posts coming your way very soon! :)

I had one guest post this year! Yay me! Hope to have more in my 2nd year (hint to all those interested *smiles*)

I've done some other posts that i hope to build on in my second year; product review, spotlight posts (focusing on artistes and people of good talent)...i really appreciate people with good talent, so i'm gonna have a lot of fun sharing my talent finds with you!

So after all said and done, this blog is basically about things that interest me generally, as you can see, it didn't all start in one day, like the saying goes "Rome wasn't built in a day"...i still have a lot of floors to add to my storey building, cos i'm aiming for a frigging sky scraper here! LOL.. I wouldn't have come this far without all o' ya'lls support in readership, you guys are AWESOME!

So that's it...its been an amazing blogging year, and my appreciation goes out to everyone that has given me their love and support this past year and also to every special one of you that have taken out time to read my blog...plenty love to you are all blessed! and yes! don't forget to share the good word about FMPH to the people around you. Everyone deserves to be inspired....fashionably inspired *big grin*.

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  1. Awwww,congratulations darln....May God continue to expand u in Jesus name.

  2. Congrats dear, U̶̲̥̅̊ 're doing an awesome job here, pls keep the PC ON, fully charged and keep us "post"ed.


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